How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Ears Pierced?

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  • The cost of traditional lobe piercing costs between $25 to $50
  • Orbital piercings cost between $35 to $100
  • Snug piercings cost between $35 to $70
  • The antitragus piercing costs between $30 to $100 while tragus piercing costs between $25 to $50
  • Helix piercing costs between $40 to $50. However, helix piercing with an ear-piercing gun costs $20
  • Industrial piercings cost between $30 to $100
  • Piercing prices will fluctuate depending on the studio location, its popularity, the piercing type, aftercare requirements, 

Piercing the ears is an operation that is done by mothers for baby girls; by women in general; and even by men for spiritual/religious or cultural purposes as well as for aesthetic and sexual appeal. Pierced ears have always been glamorous and ideal for those who want to show off trendy earrings.

You can have a single piercing or multiple ones in the earlobe or the cartilage, and other parts of the ear region.

The cost of ear piercing varies according to the type of ear piercing, the technique of piercing, the piercer’s experience, popularity, and location. In this post, you’ll find out the average cost of piercing the ears and the specific price range of the different types of piercing.

The Average Cost Of An Ear Piercing

The cost of ear piercing is affordable to almost everyone. The price varies from $10 to $100, depending on the area where the piercing is performed. Piercing each hole varies from $5 to $20. The cost of piercing a baby’s ears doesn’t always exceed $20. Compared to ear lobe piercing, eyelid piercing, nose piercing, lip piercing, eyeball piercing, ear piercing is much less expensive and safer.

Ear Piercing Cost: The Factors Involved

The prices of ear piercings can be determined by several factors such as the type, the technique, the piercer’s experience, location, popularity, and other factors such as aftercare (post-piercing care), and whether you are making a fresh piercing or are re-piercing a hole that wasn’t properly pierced.

Pricing By Type

Ear Piercing Types Positions Background Poster

The position where you wish to make the ear piercing procedure can be different and each comes with a varying cost.

Traditional Lobe Piercing

The traditional lobe piercing is the safest, most common, and usually the least expensive type of piercing. However, the price is determined of course by the number of piercings you want, i.e. single or dual lobe piercing. That is, it can be done on the lower and/or upper earlobe. The piercing is done in the meatiest part of the ear, making it the easiest to heal. This type of piercing fits most earrings because it is the most traditional and allows the use of any type of closure or shape.

Traditional ear lobe piercing is the most common. Commonly done for young girls, it causes the least pain and has very fast healing. If proper cleaning is done and placement is carried out with sterile material, there is no risk of infection or complications. The part with which the piercing is made can be changed after about 6 weeks. At that time we can choose the earring that best suits your personality.

The lobe piercing is the king of ear piercing. Whether it’s done on a baby or an adult, the earlobe piercing opens up a lot of possibilities to complement your look with all kinds of earrings and jewelry. The cost of traditional lobe piercing costs between $25 to $50.

Cartilage Piercings

Ear cartilage piercing comes in various types, can be done in different regions of the ears asides from the lobes. However, it is more expensive and riskier than earlobe piercing, apparently because of the structure of the ear cartilages. The most common types of cartilage piercing include:

  • Orbital: The orbital piercing is one of the best for earrings. It is placed precisely on the outer cartilage between the lobe and the upper part of the ear. Orbital piercings cost between $35 to $100.
  • Snug: This piercing is placed in the same place as the orbital, but only covers the lower parallel cartilage. It is located between the Tragus area and the upper cartilage. The internal one is different from the external one in that one is more hidden and the other one is closer to the lobe, respectively. Snug piercings cost between $35 to $70.
  • Tragus and antitragus: The tragus piercings are piercings done to the cartilage that is inside the ear. Meanwhile, the antitragus is done just in front – in the upper part of the lobe. The antitragus piercing costs between $30 to $100 while tragus piercing costs between $25 to $50.
  • Helix and front helix: The first is known as the piercing that surrounds the upper end of the ear. On the contrary, the front helix is ​​located at the same height, but on the inside of the cartilage. Helix piercing costs between $40 to $50. However, helix piercing with an ear-piercing gun costs $20.
  • Industrial piercing: It is the largest piercing you can put in your ear. It consists of two piercings located at both ends of the upper cartilage, which are attached with a bar. Industrial piercings cost between $30 to $100.

Single Lobe Piercing

Again, the earlobe is the place where all earrings are usually placed, the lower fleshy part. This type of piercing is the piercing of a lifetime, the most classic. It’s just a simple piercing in the lobe.

Single earlobe piercing is one of the least painful, comparable to a simple pin prick. Also, its healing process and healing time are one of the fastest (between 4 and 6 weeks).

The lobe piercing can be done in various positions – for such a small area, it gives a lot of options. Single ear lobe piercing costs around $25.

Dual Lobe Piercing

Again, the earlobe – the lower fleshy part – is where all piercing earrings are usually placed. However, for dual lobe piercing, the double piercing’s extra piercing is done in the upper part of the single piercing. The difference with the upper lobe is that the piercing is done a little higher than usual to add more ornaments to the area.

Other Cost Factors

Other cost factors asides from the piercing type include:

Piercing Technique

This is perhaps the most notable criterion that can affect the price of a piercing. Using top-quality products is synonymous with seriousness and reliability for a piercer. The two techniques of piercing are needle and gun piercing techniques. It is always advisable to choose to have the needle piercing method than with a gun.

Unlike the gun, the needle destroys much less tissue and is far safer than machine piercing. However, needle piercing comes with a higher cost. If a typical ear piercing with a needle costs $40, you can get it done for around $20 with a gun.

Piercing Experience

The experience of the ear piercing specialists can determine whether you’re going to get a safe and effective piercing or otherwise. Experienced piercing professionals pierce for clients all over the world and their price ranges are always on the high side than normal.

But experience here means having top piercing specialist personnel, hygienic piercing service, high piercing success rate, favorable piercing policy, painless experience, and good piercing quality.

Studio Popularity

An A-list ear piercing station or celebrities’ favorite studios are going to have higher price ranges, of course. Popularity for piercing studios mean a lot – that is, they’re situated in an urban location, have top piercing professionals, and practice all piercing techniques successfully, safely, and considering hygiene standards for piercing.

Studio Location

As always, a body piercing studio located in big cities or capital cities is likely to have higher prices. However, this is not usually the case as a professional piercing studio located in a big city with influx of customers mean lower costs. For example, most studios situated in London and New York City have a starting price of $20 for earlobe piercing. There are cheaper options available, though- check out the price to get ear piercings at Walmart + the cost to get piercings at Claire’s


Most piercing studios offer aftercare piercing services. Aftercare services are offered to clients between the first to eighth week of making their piercings. Aftercare ear piercing services are less costlier but the accumulated costs can be costly.

Fresh Piercing or Just Re-Piercing?

Sometimes, body piercings close up or are not properly pierced and may need to be re-pierced. However, there is not a lot of difference between the cost of repiercing after an initial piercing and fresh piercing. However, a lot of piercing shops may decide to give you a discount for repiercing in the same studio.

For hygienic-sanitary reasons, it is important to always contact professionals. In this way you will be able to avoid errors and there will be no ear piercing infections.


The cost of a piercing is linked to the quality of the materials used, the experience of the piercer and the popularity of the studio in which it is carried out. The average price is between $10 to $100.

You should rather go to a proper piercer. This way, the operation will be clean and sterile with no risk of having an infected piercing. The guns or needles used disintegrate the tissue. And that may provide a virile breeding ground for bacteria. You will also get the right jewelry made of titanium and they can recommend the best purchase of piercing earrings for you.

With a professional piercer, you pay a little more, but at least you have the piercing hole for the rest of your life. A neat piercing heals faster and comes with fewer complications, and you can see fewer scars if you take the jewelry out.

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