How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Ears Pierced At Walmart?

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  • Prices vary depending on your Walmart location: some will do it for free if you buy the piercing studs, which generally cost $9.99 (Source).
  • According to our research, Walmart tends to use piercing guns, which are not sharp enough to cut clean like piercing needles used at piercing studios (Source).
  • Hollow piercing needles should be used to pierce ears. The problem with piercing guns is that they can’t be completely disinfected between uses. In addition, disposable piercing guns are frequently defective.
  • Piercing guns also do not remove any tissue, they only push through the flesh of your ear, displacing any tissue to the side of the hole, which causes scarring and other issues.

If you’re wondering ‘how much does it cost to get your ears pierced at Walmart‘, we’ve got you covered.

While it’d be best to call up your local Walmart and get exact pricing information, from our research it seems that you can get the piercing done for free if you by some piercing studs.

The problem is that it’s generally better to get your ears pierced at a professional piercing studio. One that doesn’t use a gun.

Ear Piercing Cost Factors

As we’ve noted, Walmart will likely do the piercings for free, but charge for the piercing studs.

More generally, if you’re thinking of piercing your ear, whether for the first time or you want to add another piercing, price is an important factor to consider. So, how much does it cost to get your ears pierced? Well, several things affect how much you’ll pay to get your ear piercing. These are:

1. Type of Piecing

The cost of piercing varies depending on what type you’re getting. There are various ear piercing available, which can be difficult to choose. Each type comes with different pain caliber and recovery times. Additionally, the aftercare also varies depending on where you’ve pieced.

Before getting a piercing, we advise that you research the different types available. Here are some common types of piercing and their approximate prices:

  1. Conch piercing- $45-$75
  2. Daith piercing- $40-$50
  3. Tragus Piercing- $40-$50
  4. Rook- $35-$50
  5. Double and triple ear lobe- $10-$60

*Note that these are only estimated values, and prices may be slightly higher or lower depending on your piercing studio. (Check out our article on cartilage piercing pricing!)

2. Cost of Piercing Jewelry

Where you want to get pierced determines what jewelry you’ll use. For instance, for someone getting a double and triple ear lobe, they’ll use studs, bead, or circular rings, while those getting a rook will need hoop earrings or curved barbells. Now, the prices of jewelry differ depending on their type as well as quantity. But, this shouldn’t be a big issue since most tattoo parlors include the jewelry price in their initial package unless you’re buying yours separately.

3. Your Piercing Studio

You can choose to get pierced in a mall, Walmart or a professional tattoo parlor. Claire’s offers ear piercings as well- which can be more affordable than a professional studio. Professional tattoo and piercing parlors usually charge more because they intensive training before they offer this service. But in malls, piercers don’t get thorough training and practice (Source). While it’s up to you to choose where you want to get pierced, we advise that you consider a technician’s experience first. Note that ear piercing is generally a safe procedure, but if not done correctly, it can cause serious infections.

Ear piercings are a popular type of body modification for both men and women. While many people do it for beauty purposes, some do it to symbolize something personal. Apart from providing material satisfaction, it is also an emotional affair. It’s why piercings are internationally popular- even in the world’s most remote areas.

Ear piercings are widely accepted into societies as fashion. They’re among the most comfortable piercings to get and flaunt. But, consider these factors when making your budget. Also, remember that after piercing, the aftercare is very important. Daily clean up your wound with sea salt and warm water to make the wound heal faster (Source).

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