How Much Does It Cost to Get to Gatti Town?

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  • Pricing depends on your party’s size and age- for example, children 0-2 years get in for free, while children 3-10 years old cost $5.99 and those 11 and older cost $8.99
  • It’s best to reference this updated graphic from the Gatti Town Lexington website for all the different packages:

  • According to Trip Advisor, there are a lot of different things you can buy to get into Gatti Town
  • For instance, you could consider the $24.99 package. It provides you with one buffet, a $25 game card, and unlimited drinks. The drinks range from tea and water to soda.
  • You could also opt for the $10.99 package, assuring you of unlimited soda or water, a buffet, and a $6 game card.
  • There is also a third package, which costs $15.99. This option is suitable for game lovers. It provides you with a buffet and a $12 game card.
  • On the other hand, you could opt for a $22.99 package that comes with a buffet, unlimited drinks, and a $20 game card.

Reasons to Visit Gatti Town

Whether it is on your birthday or wedding anniversary, there are plenty of activities and reasons to consider visiting. Here are a few reasons why it could be a fun family trip to go to Gatti Town.

  • Multiple Games: Gatti Town provides you with various games to enjoy. These games are family-friendly, allowing every age group to indulge.
  • Buffet: No one would want to miss out on the sizzling cuisine provided in this place. From pizza to salad, you cannot miss a good option for yourself. Besides, food is relatively affordable.
  • Prizes: Every child will always want a reward after engaging in something—adults too. You are likely to win one thing or the other whenever you are here. Besides, souvenirs are at your disposal.
  • Memories: Making memories is part of living a charmed life. Gatti Town provides you with enough material for tons of fun and memories. Whether you want to party or relax, this will be the right place for you.
  • Multiple Attractions: This place boasts of several attractions. You can choose to ride on bumper cars, frog rides, or trampolines. Your choice will depend on your preferences.

Have you ever thought about getting a short yet meaningful vacation? Gatti Town is the right place to be! Its myriad of activities will often make it a family-friendly destination. But besides that, understanding how much you will pay to get in will help define value for your money.

Here are a few insights into what getting into the Gatti Town will cost. In conclusion, a visit to Gatti Town will be worth it. As long as you understand the cost and what to expect, you will have no reason to worry. Notably, the insights above will guide you accordingly.

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