How Much Does It Cost to Bleach Short Hair?

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  • One Redditor said that a short hair bleach job will cost around $100– and that’s on the cheaper end. However, maintenance will be cheaper if you’re looking to keep the bleached look.
  • In general, depending on where you live (a trendy NYC salon vs somewhere more rural), bleaching your hair might cost you between $40-$250, approximately (Source). However, this estimation can vary depending on a number of important contributing factors. Such factors will influence the overall cost of bleaching short hair.
  • For this reason, it would be hard to determine the standard cost of bleaching your short hair. Let’s see some points that are necessary when it comes to bleaching your hair:
    • First, bleaching products come in different forms and structures. Because of this, you need to consider the hair-lightening product that you want to use before estimating the total costs.
    • For a sizable tub, hair bleach products range from as low as $5 up to $35 or higher.
    • Other than the bleaching product, you also have to factor in the bleaching kits. The bleaching kits include a brush, blending tub, gloves, and the bleach powder of course. Factoring in the kits might cost you an additional $10 but this also varies depending on the types or brand of kits you use.
    • If you are looking for more friendly bleaching products, the Créme bleaches will do. This is because they are friendly to your scalp as they are less harmful compared to other bleaching products.
  • Additionally, the cost of bleaching your hair at a professional salon can cost you between $150-$300. But like most options, this will also vary depending on your hair type and style.

Cost That Influence Short Hair Bleaching

As you have seen, there isn’t a standard amount as to how much it really costs to bleach your hair. This is because the total cost relies on several considerations, which include:

  1. Hair Length – This is a significant factor to consider when bleaching your hair. In this case, your hair will be short meaning that it might only need minimum servicing to bleach it accordingly. As a result, the cost of bleaching short hair is lower compared to bleaching long hair.
  2. Home or Salon – Like mentioned earlier, it will cost you more money if you decide to bleach your hair at a professional salon. You can do it at home and save a significant amount but you need to be sure of what you are doing. If not, it would be best to get serviced with a professional to avoid unnecessary damages that may cost you more in the long run.
  3. Products you Use – The bleaching products you use for bleaching your short hair will also influence the overall costs of bleaching your hair. Depending on the brand, amount, and bleaching kits, the overall cost of bleaching your hair may either be lower or expensive.

So, how much does it cost to bleach short hair? The answer to this question has been summarized as detailed above. One thing is for sure, knowing what you need to bleach your hair is the closest thing you have to estimate the real cost of bleaching your hair.

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