About Me

David Robinson

Hey there, I’m David Robinson – yes, like the legendary NBA player! While my days are dedicated to navigating the intricate world of purchase logistics for a Fortune 500 company, my nights and weekends are fueled by a passion that led me to start this pricing blog. You might be wondering why I chose to delve into the realm of pricing, and the answer is simple – I’ve got a bit of spare time on my hands. So go ahead, take a moment to explore my pricing reports.

This blog didn’t just spring into existence on a whim. I embarked on this journey with a clear purpose – to deliver accurate, timely, and insightful information on pricing trends. In a world brimming with misinformation and noise, my mission is to help you cut through the clutter and uncover the unvarnished facts.

Drawing from more than a decade of experience in the price research industry, I’ve witnessed firsthand the remarkable ebb and flow of prices. Sometimes, those fluctuations can be as dramatic as a plot twist in a suspenseful novel. My goal? To empower you with the knowledge to comprehend the driving forces behind these fluctuations, enabling you to make informed decisions.

I envision this blog as a go-to resource for anyone seeking to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic landscape of pricing trends. My articles will span a wide spectrum of pricing-related subjects, encompassing:

As for my background, I hail from the vibrant streets of NYC, my birthplace. Currently, I call Brooklyn home, sharing it with my wonderful wife and our two lively young children. Beyond the world of pricing analysis, you’ll often find me strumming on my guitar, embarking on explorations of undiscovered neighborhoods, or indulging in the guilty pleasure of bad reality TV.

Whether you’re contemplating the cost of giving your short hair a stylish bleaching or curious about the intricacies of shipping something to Nigeria, my arsenal of unique pricing reports is at your disposal. I’ve invested time and energy into crafting resources that will swiftly bring you up to speed on a diverse array of topics.

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out through the convenient contact form or drop me an email at david@mightypricey.com. I’m here to assist, educate, and engage – all in the pursuit of unraveling the mysteries of pricing. So let’s embark on this insightful journey together!