How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Wedding Dress?

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  • Prices vary among shipping services across the country–both locally and internationally. FedEx has an online calculator where you can check out their shipping rates for both domestic shipping and international shipping. You may check the estimated shipping fee by entering the basic shipment details such as the origin of the parcel, state or country destination, parcel dimensions, parcel weight, and the shipping date.
  • For domestic shipping, FedEx offers rates starting at $19.05 for an 8-3/4″ x 7-3/4″ x 11-1/4″ box. A larger parcel of 15-3/4″ x 14-1/8″ x 6 would start at $30.85.
  • FedEx also offers international shipping with rates available on their website.
  • UPS has flat rates for various services such as both retail and daily shipping. A large box (14in x 10in x 7in) for domestic shipping starts at $26 and $43.40 for Next Day delivery, and an Extra Large box (18in x 12in x 6in) starts at $34.95 and $56.60 for Next Day delivery.
  • You may also visit the UPS website for an international shipping guide.
  • Shipping insurance is free for items valued at $0-$100 for both FedEx and UPS. Take note that various shipping services might require you to state the declared value of the item for the shipping insurance and affect the total cost of the shipping rates.
  • FedEx’s shipping insurance is priced at $3 for items with declared value at $100.01-$300 and $1 for every $100 over $300.
  • Shipping insurance by UPS is priced at $1.05 for every additional $100 value over $100 declared value of parcels. However, UPS requires at least $2.70 insurance minimum, so the stated value of items must at least be $300 to qualify for the insurance.

Cost Factors for Shipping Wedding Dresses

If you’re wondering how much does it cost to ship a wedding dress– there are several important considerations. It is important for senders to consider the other cost factors in addition to the shipping rates– whether you are selling wedding dress creations or simply sending it out for someone else’s big day.

Type & Style Of Dress

Weddings are not meant to be expensive; rather, memorable. They may cost a lot – from the flowers to the dresses. That is why it is essential to have an overview of these costs for one’s big day. Whether you are selling your wedding gown creations or simply sending a hand-me-down, it is essential for you to know the costs of shipping wedding dresses.

From your local boutique to designer brands, wedding dresses could cost an arm and a leg, normally ranging from $500 to $4000 or sometimes even more. Alterations for ready-made dresses would add up to the total costs. Thus, although pricier, a custom-made wedding dress is technically the more reasonable choice.


Who would want to receive a wedding dress in a simple plastic bag? The packaging is important as it not only plays an aesthetic role but also serves as a protection for the wedding gown. Sturdy gift boxes are recommended, as they are not only pretty but also keeps your wedding gown safe.

Some shipping services offer flat rates for parcels and boxes according to size, from small parcels to extra-large boxes, and even for irregularly-shaped items. However, some shipping services take the item’s cubic dimensions and weight into consideration. Thus, remember to use a lightweight gift box, as some shipping services include the item’s weight which affects the total shipping cost. Ribbons are pretty, too, but remember that irregularly shaped parcels often cost more.

Shipping Distance

Distance plays an essential role in the cost factors of shipping a wedding dress. Shipping internationally is undeniably pricey in addition to the cost of the wedding dress – not to mention the additional fees such as fuel surcharge, handling fees, tariffs, and international shipping taxes.

On the same note, these shipping services also provide shipping insurance. Shipping insurance allows its senders to reimburse lost, stolen, and damaged items or parcels. This gives both the sender and the receiver some peace of mind for their items in transit. Thus, declaring the item’s value is required for the shipping insurance.

Additional fees such as taxes and tariffs may also be required for international shipping depending on the destination.

Weddings are moments cherished forever. Choosing the right wedding dress is highly regarded by its wearer. Thus, with its sentimental value, to splurge on these dresses are justifiable. From choosing the right wedding dress to the packaging and shipping service, one must consider the total costs. After all, weddings are a once in a lifetime experience.

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