How Much Does it Cost to Fill Oxygen Acetylene Tanks?

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  • According to The Pricer, the cost of refilling an acetylene tank ranges from $22 for a 10-cubic foot-sized tank to $50 for a tank that’s larger than 3 feet (Source)
  • You may incur an environmental fee of about $10 when filling an acetylene tank in some states.
  • Most acetylene refill stores can either allow you to rent tanks or purchase new ones from them, thus making the costs vary greatly (Source)
  • Though buying your tank is more economical and convenient than renting, you should always compare the refilling rates at your local oxygen acetylene tank supplier.
  • Purchasing an acetylene tank in bulk or large quantities will help you save money since the per cubic foot price decreases as the tank becomes larger (Source)

Cost Factors

The costs of refilling an oxygen-acetylene tank vary with the tank size, refill supplier, and local laws. Since it’s relatively expensive to fill the gas after a few days, you may want a tank that lasts long and affordable refill service. Here are the factors that affect the pricing for acetylene tank refills:

1. Size

Though small welding tanks are more portable and cheaper to refill, they run out of gas more often, primarily if you use them regularly. You may find it inconvenient to drop the tanks off at the refill station and get them back once they’re full. That’s because the refills may delay your project or productivity.

In this case, larger tanks won’t require frequent refilling, allowing you to focus on your most important projects. On the other hand, smaller tanks may have a low refill price but prove expensive in terms of convenience. That’s because of the potential income lost when they’re out of gas. (Source).

Acetylene refill stores also charge their services based on the size of tanks. Expect to pay more cash to have a large gas tank refilled. As a factor, size also applies to tank rentals. In this case, filling a larger rental tank will be costly than refilling a smaller rental tank.

2. Local Welding Laws

Familiarize yourself with your local welding laws to see how they affect the pricing and availability of acetylene tank refills. The Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) authority requires acetylene refill providers to meet certain gas storage conditions. These conditions include a dry, well-ventilated, and well-protected location that’s 20 feet from highly-flammable materials.

As a gas supplier spends more money to meet these standards, they’re likely to charge more on their refill services. They risk facing harsh penalties and fines if they fail to adhere to these rules. Local authorities also require these companies to obtain licenses and pay various fees in compliance with the law. Acetylene providers usually transfer these costs to the price of refills. (Source)

3. Refilling Company

Acetylene gas providers have different prices for their refill services. The prices usually depend on the costs of procuring and availing the gas for local clients. Most of these companies have websites with their prices listed. Take time comparing their rates before choosing a refill that will match your budget. (Source)

Some refilling companies charge a delivery fee, while others make free deliveries once the refills are complete. You can even take your existing air gas for filling, and they will give you a completely different tank. The gas provider may also be picky about the type and sizes of tanks they can refill. Call them to ask whether they accept acetylene gas cylinders that resemble those you have in your workplace.

The technique used to conduct the refills may also affect the pricing. A supplier that uses top-notch technology to fill gas tanks may charge more than one that doesn’t. The gas provider may again charge additional fees depending on the type of service they give. They may also have incentives such as price cuts or discounts in place that may affect the price of the refills.

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