How Much Does It Cost To Get A Ring Cut Off?

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  • According to our research, most jewelers will do it for free and charge $50-$100 to repair the ring (Source)
  • However, ring repair gets more expensive depending on the extent of damage, the number of sizes going up or down, and the type of metal (sterling silver, gold, and platinum cost more in that order)
  • Jewelers can simply solder shut small cuts and breaks, but if the ring’s shank needs to be replaced (in the case of thin shanks or rings that have missing portions) it can run $150-$400 (Source)
  • Tungsten and ceramic rings can’t be fixed once cut (Source)
  • A ring should only be urgently removed if you are experiencing pain, but not if you are just experiencing tightness (Source).

If your ring is suddenly too tight and seemingly impossible to remove, you’ve got a few options to consider.

Go To A Jeweler

Windex & Lotion Method

According to Jewelry Secrets, if you visit your local jeweler, they’ll use lotions and Windex first to see if they can remove the ring.

Jewelers have a lot of experience doing this. They have a special strategy. Unlike when you do it yourself and you begin pulling it straight off, causing the skin to bunch and fold, jewelers will pull the ring off a little bit at a time, sneaking the bunched skin slowly through the shank.

Circular Saw Method

If the lubrication method doesn’t work, jewelers have a small circular saw that is equipped to deftly slip in between the ring and your finger. It will then cut a straight line gently through the ring’s shank.

Once that is done, the jeweler will use pliers on either end of the nail spliced ring to pull it away from the finger.

This is a delicate process because the ends of the ring will be very sharp. Once it is removed, you should wash your hands thoroughly because the saw leaves a residue of metal particles on your skin and you really don’t want to transfer the metal particles to your eyes.

You’ll want to wait a couple of weeks or even months before you get me the ring repaired and resized to make sure that the new dimensions are appropriate.

Go To The Emergency Room

If your finger is really hurting and you just need to get it off, you can always visit the emergency room. However, they will treat your diamond engagement ring a lot rougher than an experienced jeweler will.

According to MHMedical, the most common reasons for an emergency room ring removal are “swelling from extremity trauma, infections or burns, increases in total volume status, and allergic reactions.” Their advice is that rings should be medically removed if you are experiencing pain, but not if you are just experiencing tightness.

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