How Much Does It Cost to Scan Documents at Staples?

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  • Scanning documents at a local Staples store can cost anywhere from $0.50 per page. However, the price can increase based on several factors. (Source)
  • If you plan to scan more than one document, it is advised that you join the Staples Rewards Program to avail of their 5% money back on all their purchases (gift cards and postage are not included). (Source)
  • Most Staples will allow you to operate one of their self-service copiers.
  • To use Staple’s self-service kiosk to scan your documents, you will need a credit or debit card.

How do you scan your documents at Staples?

Staples is a convenient way to scan, print, and copy all your needed documents with ease. While most carrier services offer copying and scanning services of the same kind, it would take a huge amount of time to process it. At Staples, you will obtain your document and print it on the same day. For starters, the process of scanning at Staples starts with:

Through Files Saved in Flash Drives and Hard Drives

Since Staples has a self-service copier machine, people can freely use it and pay the necessary price for its services. You just save your document on a flash drive or a dedicated hard drive and go to the nearest Staples store in your area.

The copier machine will read your file and will start its scanning process. Just make sure that your file is saved in the following formats: PDF, JPG, or TIFF formats. Next, pay the necessary fees from your scans and you’re done.

Through email

You can send your documents online by emailing your nearest Staples store. Again, just make sure that you’ve saved your documents in either PDF, JPG, or TIFF formats.

Acquire the files from the sent email and the machine will start to do its magic for you. Within seconds, your scanned documents are ready for you to take. Pay the necessary fees and you’re done.

Aside from the ability to scan your documents almost anywhere, rest assured that Staples can produce high-quality pictures and documents-regardless of whether they are black & white or fully colorized.

Moreover, you can print your desired documents from various print formats up to 11”x17” inches. Even if you’re printing more than two pages, Staples will always produce a page with the highest quality of printing. Several customers have always praised Staples for producing high-quality printed documents every time it prints another page.

Cost Factors That Affect Scanning Prices at Staples

Wondering how much does it cost to scan documents at Staples? As we’ve noted- the price of scanning at Staples starts at $0.50 per page. However, there are several factors that might affect the final price of your printed documents. They’re as follows:

Number of Pictures and Images in Your Document

Some documents can have various images embedded in them. As such, the printing price for these documents would increase. The more pixels and amount of CYK colors a document possesses, the more ink and a higher quality of color scheme the copier will need to print a document.

Number of Documents Being Scanned

One of the disadvantages of scanning at Staples is that the final fee is affected by how many documents you scan. Factors like the numbers of papers used and ink allocated for printing among other factors would greatly affect the final price.

Many users from Quora commented about how the prices of scanning increased if you’re printing a lot of documents or documents with several pages. Some also noted that colorized pictures can greatly affect the final fee.

Again, if you’re scanning more than ten pages, it is recommended to apply for the Staples Rewards Program that allows you a 5% money back on all your purchases.

Usage Per Minute

The store charges your usage per minute as well. Prices differ depending on how much time has passed when using the copier machine. Hence, the prices increase over time.

The Manual Labor Required

Staples offers a self-service kiosk that can require a lot of effort to operate, especially if you’re in a hurry. It is advised that you prepare your documents beforehand rather than doing it at the last minute.


Overall, scanning at Staples is still a convenient way to print your needed documents. This is because you can get the printed documents on the same day and the prices are reasonable. Plus, you can scan your documents through emails and flash drives. Be sure to look for a Staples branch or store near you.

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