How Much Does Henna Cost? [Pricing Stats]

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  • Henna tattooing will cost you an average of $50 to $100 per hour for an event (Source) or $100 to $1,000 per design (Source) and is subject to change depending on different factors such as size and complexity.
  • It is an Arabic traditional form of nonpermanent body art, prevalent in Indian culture as a form of ritual for weddings and other celebrations. According to Shaily Savla, a henna tattoo expert and the founder of Gold Nine Ink, it is believed that the “darker the henna, the stronger the marriage”. (Source)
  • In India, henna tattoo is called ‘mehndi’, and the temporary body art was popularized with the rising fame of permanent tattoos globally.
  • Henna is a brown dye made out of ground paste from the henna plant and is not permanent nor painful, which is perfect for all ages and those with low pain tolerance. Henna can last up to 3 weeks. (Source)

Henna has become widely popular in Western society during festivals, weddings, and other special occasions. Its intricate, meaningful, and unique designs are what earned its reputation in the tattoo society especially for people who want something out of the ordinary.

Since it is nonpermanent, a lot of people get their design ideas tattooed using henna first to see if the design looks as good as they imagined it to be. This way it gives people the chance to have a choice whether to push through with getting it permanently tattooed or just keep it temporary.

Age-friendliness is also another factor why henna tattooing has become popular worldwide. Children of all ages can enjoy this body art as much as adults can while sparing them the pain of poking needles into their skin.

 Henna Tattoo Cost Factors

If you’re planning to get a henna tattoo with zero ideas on how much it will cost you, then here is a breakdown of the factors that may affect the final price:

Design Factors

Size of the Henna Tattoo

Designs can go from extremely minimal, to large and can occupy the whole arms and legs. The process can take a mere 5 minutes to a dragging hour or even more which would mean additional costs due to the duration. Of course, the larger the size of the henna design, the longer it will take, and the more it would cost.

The Complexity of the Art

Some designs can be simple and easy to follow such as minimal line art and small icons. However, some designs are immensely detailed that require greater skill and focus.

Bridal Henna Designs, for example, would cost way more than an average henna design given these designs are associated with complex designs that mostly cover the hands, arms, and feet.

Here are some example rates for bridal henna designs from known henna tattoo shops:

Zoya Designs

  1. Hands to wrists, feet to the bottom of the ankle coverage – $175
  2. Hands to midarm, feet to above the ankle coverage – $300
  3. Hands to elbow, feet to knees coverage – $450

Henna Tattoos

  1. Hands to two inches above elbow, feet to 4 inches below the knee – $300

Artist Fees

  • Experience and Skill

Always remember that you are not only paying the artist for their time and materials, but also the money they spent on learning and mastering the craft over time.

Some artists have earned a reputation with their exposure to workshops, tattoo seminars, and tattoo competitions, and with these experiences, the client is assured of the skill and quality of the final tattoo. With that, these artists who specialize in henna tattoo would most likely have a higher artist rate compared to those who are self-taught and does tattooing as a sideline or hobby.

  • Location and Travel Expenses

Cities and urban places with higher costs of living will call for higher artist rates, compared to areas with a low cost of living. Also, most artists conduct the process in their own area or shop, so if you wish to have them personally come to you for the session for less hassle, then you would have to pay extra for the travel fees and this could range from $10 to $50 depending on your location.

  • Event Rates

Some artists charge by the hour, especially when they are hired for events such as weddings, birthday parties, festival booths, and the like and most of these already include the travel fees and other expenses for the needed materials especially when there is a need to set up a mini booth.

Zoya Designs for example, which is located in North Bergen, New Jersey has event rates that run from $65 to $85 per hour dependent on the number of people to be tattooed how long the event will take. Some events may run higher than that.

These factor descriptions should give you a sufficient idea of the estimated final fee of your planned henna tattoo, may it be for an event or whatnot, however, it is still best to contact your artist and discuss with them the process and final cost.

Maybe you want to up your game for something more permanent- check out how much it costs for a finger tattoo!

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