How Much does it Cost to Rent a French Horn?

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  • In most parts of the United States, renting a French horn ranges between $65 to $120 dollars a month, according to Buddy Rodgers.
  • Music Rental Central will rent them for between $35 – $60.
  • Consider a rent-to-own French Horn contract- it’s currently priced at $65 for 34 months.
  • There are different prices attached to different rental packages. You can choose to rent the french horn for a day, week, month, or more time.
  • Additional fees may be required if the french horn is damaged during the rental period.

French Horn Rental Cost Factors

A french horn is a very important musical instrument for harmony creation. Buying it is quite on the higher end as far as price is concerned.

The good news is that you can rent it at a fee from different music stores and return it after your need has been fulfilled. The rental fee is far below the buying cost hence you can rent one over and over again whenever you require to use it.

Here is a breakdown of the french horn’s renting price and other important information you need to know before renting a french horn:

There are many other factors that influence the renting price of a french horn. The price may be high or low, depending on the cost factors listed and explained below.

Factors influencing the rates of renting a french horn:

1. Brand

french horn in concert

Different manufacturers create different brands of french horns. Some are of higher qualities than others. The higher the quality of the brand the more money you’ll be required to pay to rent a french horn.

Some brands wear out faster than others and it all narrows down to the quality of the brand. If you are intending to rent a french horn as a beginner, go for one that doesn’t wear out fast because you will be making a lot of first sounds. Hence, you’ll require a french horn that is able to withstand that.

2. Material

A big number of French horns are manufactured using silver or nickel on both the inside and outside slides. These instruments come as double F/Bb or single F tones. Depending on your preference, the price for renting one made of silver may be higher or lower. The biggest cost factor here is the durability of the material used to manufacture the French horn.

3. Upgrade options

French horns are made in such a way that the one used by a beginner may not be suitable for use by an expert. Therefore, one is likely to outgrow the instrument with time as they advance to the next level.

If a French horn has options for such upgrades, it may be more pricey to rent it than the one that has no such options. For the latter, it means that you’ll have to rent another French horn every time you move to the next stage of your instrument training.


There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable French horn to rent. If presented with payment packages, it is advisable to choose the one that offers long-term use of the instrument, since it comes with a higher discount.

For instance, if you need the instrument for seven days, choose a weekly package rather than the daily package where you’ll be required to pay seven times. The total cost of the latter is likely to be higher than the weekly cost.

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