How much do choreographers charge? [Stats]

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How much choreographers change depends on whether they work for another person, own a company, or work as freelancers. The charges also depend on the organization or company you work for, your level of experience, and the employment model, whether it is a contract, a fixed-term, or purely freelancing.

  • Choreographers charge approximately $250 to $300 for each dancer of a minimal group routine
  • For solo, choreographers can charge up to at least $500 to $750
  • Quinceanera is a right of passenger for girls transitioning from girlhood to womanhood. Choreographers will charge at least $35 to $60 per hour. If it entails three choreographed dances, it can take an averagely of twenty hours of practicing for a few months, and you can end up paying around $700 to $1200.
  • Choreographers use your studio to teach a master class and get the student level and style. Considering this class to more of your studios can help in minimizing fees for the dancers
  • Working with guest choreographers can be costlier, but it can also boost your competitive team
  • Despite the charges, choreographers usually give dancers an excellent chance to develop as upcoming and future artists looking forward to getting choreographers’ unfamiliar styles.

Therefore, choreographers play an essential part in children’s dancing training since they equip them professionally.

Factors determining choreographer charges

Skills and experience

The amount a choreographer charges you depends on his experience and skill.

For them to train you successfully, they must be skilled enough. Therefore, when searching for choreographers, consider the skills they have. Ensure you hire an individual worth an investment and direct your dance according to your demand.

Remember, choreographers also charge depending on their level of experience. Furthermore, a more experienced choreographer is proficient enough, unlike those that are less experienced


Due to advanced technology, multiple choreographers own personal websites, mostly to advertise their services.

Thus if they have gained a positive reputation, their charges will always meet what they have the potential to deliver. Before hiring one, ensure you go through various websites to review remarks from their previous clients.

This will let you know if the choreographer you choose is worth the value. Besides, choreographers with remarkable results usually deliver superb services, which match their charges as well as your expectation.


Creativity helps choreographers express the storyline and music they dance via body movements.

Moreover, creativity enables choreographers to communicate their ideas using physical expression and initiate new agendas to add to their practicing routine. Music also enhances creativity; the rhythm guides the dancer in delivering performance.

As a result, creativity also determines how much a choreographer is likely to charge you. Creativity needs Choreographers to feature innovative ideas and artistic ability.

Based on the abovementioned factors, you now understand that a choreographer’s salary depends on multiple factors, including the years the choreographer has been in the profession, additional skills, certification, and education.

Tips when hiring a choreographer

Build and maintain relationships

If the work of your choreographer impresses you and you think they are the best for your students, go ahead work on building a relationship with them.

Create time to converse with them, express your feelings about their work, and invite them during the next season.

You must understand that it is not easy for choreographers to be friendly with the studio owners. Ideally, it would help if you created a personal connection, which will benefit both of you in the future.


Before choosing your choreographer, you must conduct sufficient research to ensure that you land on the best that delivers extraordinary results.

Please choose a choreographer whose style matches yours. However, this is never recommended. It is good to choose someone who can generate a new idea. You can also decide to explore varying genres. Suppose you have a list of choreographers, carry out your research.

Social media will assist you in researching each choreographer on your list, their professionalism, personality, teaching method, and style.

Set a budget

Ensure you figure out the amount of money you plan to spend on your choreographer. Bear in mind that they will charge you differently depending on their experience and expertise.

When you set your budget, consider your student’s parents to avoid using your entire studio funds. Explain to parents the importance of their students having choreographers and what they offer exactly. Inform them of the budget and figure out if you can make a final agreement together.


Choreographers have a major responsibility of initiating and teaching dances. Remember, their obligation varies depending on whether they are workers of an organization.

Before choosing one, ensure you are familiar with their charges and consider your budget.

The post above will guide you in finding the best that delivers outstanding performance. If you’re hiring a choreographer for a wedding, you’ll be interested in how much costs to hire a string quartet to add some music to your big day!

Choreographer styles

There are many types of choreographers, such as contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and ballroom. If you’re looking for a specific type of dance style, be sure to research the different types of choreographers that specialize in that genre. You can also find reviews of choreographers online or in local newspapers or magazines.

  • Hip-Hop: Will create a routine that is primarily influenced by hip-hop music and culture.
  • Contemporary: A style that combines elements of various dance genres, including ballet, modern, and jazz.
  • Tap: A percussive style of dance in which the dancers wear special shoes with metal plates on the soles.
  • Musical Theater: A style of dance that is often seen in Broadway shows and musical films.
  • Ballroom: A style of partner dancing that includes a variety of popular dances, such as the waltz, tango, and foxtrot.
  • Belly Dance: A Middle Eastern dance form that is often performed to traditional or pop music.- Salsa: A Cuban dance that is often performed to Latin music.
  • Irish Step Dance: A fast-paced style of dance that is often seen in traditional Irish shows.
  • Square Dance: A type of American folk dance that is usually performed by four couples.

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