How Much Does a Fire Truck Cost?

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  • According to the Cost Finder website, fire trucks, and engines range from $90,000 to even $1+ million. (Source)
  • Price can be costly depending on the type of fire truck being purchased. (Source; Source #2)
  • Though commonly deemed the same, fire trucks are distinct from fire engines: fire engines are outfitted with hoses and water so that firemen can fight the fire. Fire Trucks, on the other hand, carry ladders, rescue equipment and additional firefighting tools to equip firemen to support combating the blaze. (Source)
  • Inclusion of apparatus and other innovative technology to the fire truck has an additional cost. At least $400,000 to $500,000 is incurred for EMS supplies, water systems, and hoses. (Source).

So How Much Does a Fire Truck Cost?

When delivering 400 to 500 gallons of water to a designated site, firemen should have a fire truck that ranges from $100,000 to $300,000. A Mid-Range Structural Pumper might be a more affordable option compared to an expensive ladder truck which can cost $600,000-$950,000.

As of now, the pumper truck amounts to over $500,000. Going for the price of $750,000 to $1.3 million, crash trucks and foam tenders are hydraulic engines capable of extinguishing fire from a huge pressure of water and foam cannon at 20 meters or more. Hence, fire trucks that are used in more immense and vast locations would greatly benefit from crash trucks.

Basically, more expense is required for fire trucks that provide more efficiency to firefighters, especially if some apparatus and equipment are installed to the truck. Some essential paraphernalia that should be accessible during operations can even amount to a maximum of $1+ million.

Fire Trucks Cost Factors

Reacting to different fire scenarios call for a customized fire truck. Trucks may vary per purpose they serve (e.g., tankers, rescues, or pumpers). It is of no surprise that state-owned fire departments are canvassing well on which fire truck to purchase and invest in. Here are some factors that will affect how much you will part with when purchasing a fire truck.

Design of Fire Truck

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a fire truck is the design. Elements such as mobility, reaction rate, stationing, and storage primarily on water loading are necessary when choosing the fire engine or fire truck to buy.

Firefighters also aid in the mechanisms that are needed to be installed or equipped in the fire truck. Overall, the specifications set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) must be maintained for the utilized fire vehicle.

Type of Fire Truck

Fire trucks commonly used in the community are often located at local fire stations. Large expanse areas that are scoped for fire service can benefit from pumper trucks, ladder, and/or wildland trucks. Basic engines provide the typical service on pumping water.

Tanker trucks are advantageous for transporting large amounts of water to fire sites. On the other hand, turntable and tower trucks specialize in reaching high places via a carriage driven right from a safely stationed distance.

Accessories or Truck Apparatus

Firefighters who respond to different requests must carefully consider the cost when including apparatus and accessories for the trucks to be effective in critical operations. Cord reels, ladder access systems, cribbing and stabilization, and driver safety system, are just a few of the features designed for a fire truck’s serviceability. Vital accessories are regularly inspected before fire maneuver in accordance with NFPA regulations.

Fire trucks must be well-stocked before doing any emergency operation. That is why it is worth noting that the fire apparatus is also part of the investment. While one might opt to purchase an old apparatus to minimize the expense, doing so will not guarantee its usage in the long term despite any upgrade applied. Hence, it is advisable to purchase new accessories and apparatus so they can serve you longer.

Summing Up

The higher the cost of a fire truck, the larger the capacity of work it gets done. Typically, expensive trucks even last longer than basic engines of 10 years. Fire trucks that are on the higher end can even endure at a maximum of 50 years in some communities. Besides, some of the expensive ones are multi-functional and more conducive to technological devices.

Depending in the vicinity served by the fire department, specific trucks are more functional than others. In this case, the price is deliberated instead of which manufacturer price offers best. Prices for particular fire trucks still vary with the manufacturers of these heavy-duty vehicles. Some of the manufacturers even make multi-functional fire trucks.

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