WoW Classic Mount Costs

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  • In the World of Warcraft Classic game, mounts are either creatures or machines that enable your character to travel faster than their base movement speed. (Source)
  • You obtain your first mount and train your riding skill for the first time only after reaching Level 40. (Source)
  • Rare mounts (Level 40 mounts) increase your speed ground mount by about 60% and cost you 100 gold each. On the other hand, an epic mount (Level 60 mount) that gives your character a 100% ground speed will cost you 1,000 gold. (Source)
  • It is important to note that the cost of a racial mount (each race has its particular mount and respective riding skill) is inclusive of the cost of its riding skill. For instance, a level 40 mount cost is broken down as 80 gold for the mounting and 20 gold for the riding skill.
  • The cost for Level 40 and Level 60 riding skill is 20 gold each. (Source)
  • However, the cost of a mount and its respective riding skill can be reduced by getting discounts (Source). There are two different discounts that, when combined, decrease the amount of gold you pay by up to a total of 20%:
    • Receiving an Honored reputation standing with the faction you intend to buy the mount gives you a 10% discount.
    • Being at Rank 3 in PVP gives you another 10% discount.
  • Mounts are considered Bind on Use, which means that someone else who has both discounts can pass them along and buy them for you at a lower price. (Source)

WoW Classic Mount Cost Factors

The WoW Classic has a total of about 71 mounts. The number increases to 85 if the unobtainable mounts are included. These mounts are divided as shown:

  • Alliance Mounts – 34.
    • A rare racial mount will cost you 80 gold or 64 gold with both discounts, while an epic racial mount 1000 gold or 800 gold with both discounts.
    • The riding skills cost 20 gold or 16 gold with both discounts.
  • Horde Mounts – 27.
    • The base cost for rare and epic racial mounts and that of the riding skill is the same as that of the alliance mounts.
  • Neutral Mounts – These are available for either faction to obtain and are 10 in number.
  • Unobtainable Mounts – These were originally in Classic but will not be available in the new release.

These mounts are bought from the appropriate vendors specific to your race. The same applies to the purchase of riding skills.

Fortunately, you can also buy a mount from another race. However, for you to do so, you must have exalted WoW Classic reputation with the capital city of the race you want to buy the mount from. Again, the same applies if you want to train the riding skills of another faction.

Given that even the basic level 40 mount will cost you 80 gold, it is wise to save up enough gold to increase your character’s movement and thus reduce your travel time.

Gold is an important currency in Classic Wow, which is earned mainly through manual labor. A rate of about 30 gold per hour is given for the work.

The amount of gold you will require to buy a mount is affected by these two factors:

What Level You Are In

At level 40, you will get your first mount, and this will cost you a total of 100 gold (80 gold for the basic mount and 20 gold for Level 40 riding skill.

At level 60, you will get your mount for 1000 gold. This is one of the most expensive tasks in the game.

Available Discounts

Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of WoW, has introduced two discounts to help players out. The first one, which will get you a 10% discount, is reputation-based, meaning that you will receive the discount if you are honored with a faction.

For the other one, you will receive a similar 10% discount if you are Rank 3 in PVP. Both discounts will give you a 20% reduction in mount cost.
With consistency and determination, you can save up enough gold to purchase better mounts that will make your WoW experience worthwhile.

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