How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Laptop Charging Port?

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  • The average cost of repairing a charging port or jack replacement is usually $100. However, this cost may go lower or higher depending on factors such as the model of the laptop. (Source)
  • Excessive use of a laptop charging port can cause the port to be dislodged or damaged. (Source)
  • The type of damage on the charging apart will affect the repair costs. (Source)
  • Laptops may be shipped for repairs via FedEx ground or UPS ground and may be paid via credit card online. Shipping costs are covered by the client.

Cost Factors

Laptop repairs can oftentimes cost you money, depending on the severity of the damage and the exact affected areas. In some instances, laptop charging ports may stop working due to a series of different causes such as a problem with the laptop’s power socket or deformed metal tentacles.

There are a lot of factors that could affect the cost of a laptop charging port repair. They include:

Labor and Replacement Parts

Like all repair services, the cost of repairing a laptop charging port depends on the amount of labor needed and the possible parts that need replacement. Typically, the more severe the issue, the higher the cost for repair. Oftentimes, issues with the charging ports are resolved with just a few software tweaks or a replacement of a new battery. A break in a power chord can be quickly resolved by a quick change of a power cable.

However, there are instances wherein the problem is caused by the laptop itself. Possible problems would include a damaged charging circuit, a faulty motherboard, and a malfunctioning battery sensor. These problems need more assessment by trusted and seasoned tech support. Having a repair shop or tech support look into such problems is worth the investment despite labor cost and possible part replacement.

Chosen Repair Service Provider

Repair shops charge differently depending on the severity of the issue, type of service offered and expertise. There are service providers that would allow you to ship your laptop to their location for assessment and repair. These companies usually charge repairs and replacements of laptop charging port at a flat amount of $100.00, exclusive of the shipping fee.

There are also repair companies that would do home or business services, wherein they go to the clients’ location instead for repairs. This way, clients would be able to wait for the charging ports to be fixed within the comforts of their home. A good repair service provider is someone that could fix the charging port quick and easy, offer manufacturer-recommended parts all at a reasonable price.

Expected Turnaround Time

Another cost factor to keep in mind is the expected turnaround time. If the issue with your laptop charging port needs to be resolved quickly, you may opt for service providers that offer options to clients to expedite the repair process at an added cost. Clients who need to use the laptop within less than two days can expect to pay more. This is because some repair shops they can charge additional for prioritization.

On the other hand, standard turnaround time for repairs would usually take up to two days. Thus, if you are on a budget and are okay to wait longer for your laptop problem to be resolved, then the extra cost would not be necessary.


Before you go to any repair shop, it is always wise to make sure that your laptop still has an active warranty. Thus, if the problem with your laptop charging port is within the limitations of the contract with the manufacturer or store, you have the option to have your problem assessed by them first before paying extra for repairs.

Laptop Model

Laptop models come in different parts. Thus, the price may scale up or down depending on the type of model and brand of your laptop.

Summing Up

You may need to take your laptop charging port for repair if the power cable feels loose or you need to wiggle your power cable into the right position for it to receive power. When dealing with this issue, it is important to find a local store or trusted tech support team that is cable of fixing your charging port problems at a good price. Although there are ingenious ways of solving the problem with your laptop charging port, it is still best to invest in experts to make sure your laptop is up and running again.

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