How Much Do String Quartets Cost? [Price Stats]

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There is no exact answer to how much a string quartet can cost you because it depends on multiple variables- especially location.

Furthermore, apart from full string quartets, you can opt for other options it offers, such as Trio, Duo, and Solo Colin, which come at a different cost.

  • String quartets cost usually vary from one state to another. However, it averagely costs around $200 to $2,000 and above in the US.
  • For example, this NYC group charges $1,200 an hour
  • This UK music gig site says that 2-3 hours will be around $1,233 an hour
  • In the U.S., outside the ‘trendier’ cities, it will be cheaper- this Kansas-based quartet charges $600 for a quartet with each extra hour costing $200
  • The best string quartets usually keep excellent time and play every note with the appropriate beat. This enables it to blend perfectly, just as the composer wished.
  • It consists of two violins, first and second, then a viola and a cello.
  • Remember, string quartets require a room of 8 feet x 8 feet for a good performance, but the trio needs a space of 8 by 6 feet.

String quartets cost factors

Below are a few factors determining string quartet’s cost:

Experience and skills

If the string quartets are more experienced, they will likely charge you a higher fee. However, sometimes those are just perceptions and do not mean that lower-paid charges cannot offer you a great occasion.

Besides, talented quartets who are commencing to build on what they love are likely to charge you less because they try to collect clips as well as reviews.

Therefore, most clients listen to string quartets to determine their fitness for an occasion. Before you invite them to perform, make sure they perform before the big day. On the other hand, skilled and experienced quartets usually deliver incredible performance. This means they are ever on-demand, and their cost is way higher because they never disappoint.


The distance to the venue also determines the cost of your string quartets. They might charge you their transport fee, especially if the venue is far from where they are situated.

Quartets normally charge a flat fee. However, they adjust this cost based on the gear needed to deliver excellent performance and the traveling expenses. Ideally, it would help if you informed your string quartets of your location to allow them to give you a precise quote of the cost.

Hourly or flat fee

String quartet might charge you a flat fee for your occasion, but it all depends on the venue’s location, the duration of the presentation, and the number of quartets. Similarly, several quartets may charge you hourly, making you think of reducing the hours you might book them. This means quartets can charge you hourly, or they can also charge you a flat rate.

Drink and food

Most quartets usually look forward to you catering for their food and drinks during an event. However, this does not apply to quartets who come primarily to perform during an occasion. On the other hand, things are different for individuals performing at dinner and cocktail hour, then party dance at night. Therefore, suppose the quartets will perform for a longer duration. Consider them in the final headcount to avoid food shortage and familiarize yourself with the cost of string quartets.

Special requests

It is good to work with a string quartet to create a creative playlist that makes your reception and ceremony unique and personal. String quartets usually generate a list of songs well prepared for performance. Thus, clients making special requests that appear not to be on the playlist might be needed to pay an additional fee because they will have to take some time to practice and learn new material. Likewise, some quartets will never charge you for a special request.

Overtime rates

If the performance duration eats extra time, you are likely to be charged $20, a normal booking rate after every 15 minutes with a grace period of 5 minutes. Ensure that you budget well and make appropriate bookings to avoid being charged for overtime performance.

When do string quartet play

Your schedule and the occasion flow determine when the string quartet should be performed. If it is a wedding ceremony, quartets can perform entrance music. They can also choose to perform during the cocktail hour between reception and the ceremony. At the same time, they can use their string as background music as people mingle in an event.

Summing up

The cost of string quartets usually varies, but averagely it costs between $200 – $2000. Bear in mind that the price factors in the quartet’s performance duration, skill and experience, and location, among other cost factors mentioned before.

As a result, before you opt for the quartets, ensure you are familiar with the budget you want to work with and only hire quartets you can afford. If you’re hiring for a wedding, check out how much choreographers charge!

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