Understanding the Cost of Key Duplication: A Comprehensive Guide

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Have you ever fumbled through a key ring only to realize you’re missing the one you need? If so, then understanding the cost of key duplication is vital. This guide will navigate you through everything from basic keys up to high-security duplicates and even car keys, while also offering money-saving tips.

Ready for your lock-and-key solution? Let’s unlock those details!

Key Takeaways

  • Different types of keys have varying costs for duplication, with house keys being the cheapest and car keys being more expensive.
  • High – security keys can cost more to duplicate due to their complexity and added security features.
  • Keys stamped with “Do Not Duplicate” may require special authorization or specific places for duplication, which can increase the cost.
  • To save money on key duplication, compare prices at different stores and locksmiths, look for discounts and promotions, and consider alternative options like local locksmiths or online key duplication services.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Key Duplication

The type of key (house, car, high-security) and any restrictions on duplication can impact the cost.

Type of key (house key, car key, high-security key)

The type of key can affect the price of duplication.

  1. House keys are the simplest and cheapest to duplicate. They cost between $2 and $5 at most places like Home Depot.
  2. Car keys are trickier. Modern car keys often have special chips in them. The cost to copy these starts at about $30, and prices can go up from there.
  3. High-security keys, such as those marked “Do Not Duplicate,” can cost more to copy than house or car keys do but provide an extra layer of safety for your home or office. A high-security key may cost anywhere from $8 to $20 due to its complexity.
  4. Other types of specialized keys also have differing costs based on their features and the added value that they provide in terms of security.

Key restrictions (stamped “Do Not Duplicate”)

Keys that are stamped with “Do Not Duplicate” have additional restrictions when it comes to duplication. This means that if you have a key with this stamp, you may need to provide special authorization or go to specific places in order to get it duplicated.

The cost of duplicating these keys is typically higher than regular keys, ranging between $8 and $20. Keep in mind that not all places will duplicate these keys, so you may need to search for locksmiths or specialized stores that offer this service.

It’s important to follow the restrictions on these keys and make sure you have the necessary permissions before attempting to get them duplicated.

Average Cost of Key Duplication

The average cost of key duplication varies depending on the type of key, with house keys typically being more affordable than car keys.

House keys

When it comes to duplicating house keys, the cost can vary depending on factors like the type of key and any restrictions. Basic house keys usually cost around $2 to $5 to duplicate.

However, if your key is high-security and marked “Do Not Duplicate,” you can expect to pay between $8 to $20 for a copy. It’s good to know that Home Depot offers key copying services, with prices ranging from $2 to $6 for standard house keys and up to $10 for high-security keys.

Remember that locksmiths are also an option, but duplicating car keys with additional features like transponder chips can start at around $120.

Car keys

Copying car keys can be more expensive compared to other types of keys. Prices for duplicating modern car keys generally start at around $30. If your car key has additional features like a transponder chip, the cost can go even higher, starting at $120 if you get it duplicated at a locksmith shop.

It’s important to note that prices may vary depending on where you go for the duplication service, so it’s always a good idea to shop around and compare prices.

How to Save Money on Key Duplication

To save money on key duplication, shop around for the best prices, look for discounts and promotions, and consider alternative options like local locksmiths.

Shop around for the best prices

To save money on key duplication, it’s important to shop around and compare prices. Different stores and locksmiths may offer different rates for the same service. For example, Home Depot charges between $2 to $6 per copy for standard house keys, while Walmart also provides key copying services with varying prices depending on the location.

Ace Hardware is another option where you can get your keys copied, but keep in mind that prices may differ from store to store. By taking the time to research and compare prices, you can find the best deal for duplicating your keys.

Look for discounts and promotions

To save money on key duplication, it’s a good idea to look for discounts and promotions. Some stores or locksmiths may offer special deals or coupons that can lower the cost of getting duplicate keys.

Keep an eye out for advertisements or check their websites for any ongoing promotions. Taking advantage of these discounts can help you get your keys copied at a more affordable price.

Consider alternative options (e.g., local locksmiths)

Looking for other ways to save money on key duplication? Here are some alternative options you can consider:

  • Local Locksmiths: Instead of going to big chain stores, try reaching out to local locksmiths in your area. They may offer competitive prices and personal service.
  • Independent Hardware Stores: Check out smaller, independent hardware stores that provide key duplication services. They might have lower prices compared to larger retailers.
  • Online Key Duplication Services: There are online platforms that offer key duplication services. You can simply upload a photo or provide information about your key, and they will send you a copy by mail.
  • Mobile Locksmith Services: Some locksmiths offer mobile services and can come directly to your location to duplicate your keys. This can be convenient if you’re unable to visit a store.


In conclusion, understanding the cost of key duplication can help you save money. Factors like the type of key and restrictions affect the price. By shopping around, looking for discounts, and considering local locksmiths, you can find the best prices for duplicating your keys.

So next time you need a duplicate key, use this guide to make an informed decision and save some cash in the process!


1. How much does it cost to duplicate a key?

The cost of duplicating a key can vary depending on factors such as the type of key, the complexity of the design, and where you go for duplication. It can range from a few dollars to around $20.

2. Can any locksmith duplicate a key?

Yes, most professional locksmiths have the equipment and expertise to duplicate keys accurately. However, it’s always recommended to check if they offer key duplication services before visiting their shop.

3. Are there any types of keys that are more expensive to duplicate?

Some specialty keys like high-security or electronic keys may be more expensive to duplicate due to their complex designs and additional security features. These types of keys often require specialized equipment and knowledge.

4. Is it cheaper to get multiple copies of a key at once?

Yes, many locksmiths offer discounts for duplicating multiple copies of the same key at once. If you need several duplicates, it’s worth inquiring about bulk pricing options beforehand.

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