How Much Does Nature Stone Cost [Price Stats]

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  • Nature stone can cost you approximately $9 to $14 per foot, more so if you install stones in 400 square feet. This price depends on several factors you must familiarize yourself with before installing the nature stone (Source)
  • Nature stones are excellent for outdoor and indoor use. Furthermore, it is water repellent and durable, unlike other flooring alternatives, like carpet or linoleum. Many people find nature stones interesting because they are non-slippery when wet. Moreover, you cannot compare them to tiled floors, which are usually slippery even when dry (Source)
  • On average, you must understand that nature stones can cost you $9- $13 per foot (Source)
  • On the other hand, nature stones are environmentally friendly, salt-resistant, stain-resistant, durable, and strong, making them perfect for flooring. In addition, they feature excellent and maximum insulation rating, which is 2 to 3 times higher than carpeting (Source)

Factors determining the cost of nature stone

Below are a few factors affecting the cost of nature stones:

Type of nature stone flooring you select

While purchasing, many individuals fail to understand that nature stones come in many colors, sizes, and other options, such as pathways and borders. And they have to consider all these before making their purchase.

However, no nature stone will fit your entire space appropriately. Therefore, when working on the total cost estimate in the comfort of your home, ensure you have a salesperson who will assist you in selecting the appropriate stone for your space.

Whatever the salesperson chooses will depend on wall colors, the existing lighting, and the traffic your floor is likely to experience. You also have to remember each type of nature stone features its price, with some being costlier than others.

Some types of nature stones will fit perfectly inside than outside. Therefore, before you purchase nature stones, ensure you research and know what you want to settle on. And ensure you make a worthwhile investment.

The existing concrete condition

You must understand that the existing condition of your concrete and its level will determine the number of nature stones you are likely to use.

Furthermore, it also determines the amount of work that needs to be executed, from removing worn or failing coatings or paint and preparing your existing concrete condition to expansion joints treatment.

Similarly, you also need to ensure you remove peeling, moldy tiles and mildewed carpet, if they are any. It would be better if you also worked on cracking, salt damage, and surface deterioration.

Remember that high-resolution video and photos might not enable you to assess the entire elements properly and come up with the correct estimate. In most cases, you will find the existing condition of the concrete unstable and not excellent for nature stone.

If you experience this, ensure you do not cover your concrete. Instead, replace the concrete immediately. Remember, repairing the existing concrete, especially when damaged, might cost you more because you will require more materials to get the job done.

If the task is too complex, you might need to hire a company to replace the concrete, creating a dent in your pocket.


The space you plan to work on will also determine the cost of the stones. This includes the size and area type. On the other hand, the space layout and the accessibility of the installation area will also determine the cost of the nature stone.

You are likely to be charged more if workers require to carry tools up and down your stairs, unlike when they would just have offloaded from the truck. Additionally, if the installation of this stone is complicated, there is no doubt it will cost you more.

Most companies do not have the cost estimates, but they guarantee you cost estimates for free. However, they will inspect the installation area and inform you how much it will likely cost you.

More Details

Nature Stone Flooring is a permanent, adhesive-bonded stone flooring system that is installed over concrete using a specialized mix of epoxy and stones. It can be used in basements, garages, or any other areas where a durable flooring surface is needed.

What are the benefits?

NATURE STONE flooring is easy to clean, stain- and salt-resistant, and has a superior insulation rating (R-value), 2-3 times that of carpeting. It also bonds permanently to concrete, withstands severe weather, and can support heavy loads of up to 9,000 PSI.

What should I know before installation?

Before installation, the surface must be properly prepared and a moisture barrier should be installed if necessary. The epoxy and stones are mixed together and then applied to the floor using a trowel. Once the floor is covered, it should be left to cure for 24 hours before being used.

How do I care for it?

NATURE STONE flooring is easy to care for. Just sweep or vacuum regularly to remove dirt and debris. If necessary, damp mop with a mild detergent solution.

Is it durable?

Yes, NATURE STONE flooring is very durable. It is resistant to staining, salt, and weather damage. It can also support heavy loads without buckling or cracking.

How long does it last

The flooring is designed to last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Understanding pricing for installation

Installation of Nature Stone Flooring can be expensive, depending on the size and scope of the project. However, it is a long-lasting and durable flooring option that is worth the investment. When budgeting for installation, be sure to factor in the cost of surface preparation, materials, and labor.

Get a free quote

If you’re interested in having Nature Stone Flooring installed in your home or business, get in touch with a local installer for a free quote.

Final verdict

Buying and installing nature stones might not be as easy as installing carpets or tiles. Based on this comprehensive post, you can tell that the entire process is not simple. To determine the cost, you must understand what is needed to get a beautiful installation. It would help if you also worked closely with your workers and salesperson to ensure you get a correct cost proposal.

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