How Much Does Kybella Cost In 2023 [PRICING]

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  • According to Deanne Robinson, a dermatologist in Beverly Hills, Kybella costs around $1,500 per injection (Source)
  • According to research by, the average price of Kybella is $1,000 per treatment (Source)
  • According to, Kybella costs $15,000 per patient on average (Source)
  • According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average price of Kybella was around $1,300 in 2016 and roughly $5,000 (Source)
  • Insurance: Kybella is a cosmetic procedure that is not covered by any medical insurance

Kybella is a synthetic form of the natural molecule deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is produced by the body to help break down and absorb dietary fat. When injected into the fat below the chin, Kybella destroys fat cells, resulting in a noticeable reduction in fullness under the double chin.

Kybella is the only non-surgical treatment approved by the FDA to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat below the chin.

Cost Factors

1. The amount of fat to be treated

The cost of Kybella may vary depending on the size and amount of fat to be treated. According to a study done by ASAPS, a full treatment will require a minimum of 1 cc per injection site for 10-15 sites. If that minimum is not met, then consider increasing your dosage till you reach that threshold.

It is important to note that the larger the number of injection sites, the more Kybella you will need. If your doctor says that he needs twice as much Kybella to treat the same area on someone who weighs 200 lbs compared to someone who weighs 100 lbs, then it is likely that your doctor might have charged you less for half an amount of Kybella, just because you are smaller than the other patient.

2. Number of areas to be treated

The more areas that require treatment with Kybella, the less Kybella you will get per injection site. It is important to note that doing many parts at once might save you some costs. So if you have more than one area that you want to treat, it is likely that your doctor will charge per injection site instead of charging you for the full cost of treatment.

3. Type of area treated

The cost of Kybella will vary depending on what type of area is being treated. Areas like the jowls usually require many injections with Kybella, which will make the cost per injection higher. If you are only treating a small area like under the chin, then the cost per injection will be lower.

4. Experience of the doctor

Some doctors are more experienced with Kybella treatments than others. An experienced doctor is likely to have fewer complications and might charge less per treatment. An experienced doctor might also be better at using Kybella to achieve a very natural look, instead of overdoing it and having the result look fake or plastic surgery-like.

5. Anesthesia

Some clinics that offer Kybella treatment will use general anesthesia for your procedure if they think that the amount of Kybella used will make the procedure painful. If this is the case, then your clinic might add an anesthesia fee to your bill. In general, clinics will charge you a separate fee for anesthesia whether or not Kybella is used.

6. Location

The cost of Kybella treatments varies from clinic to clinic. Some clinics might be located in a more expensive area and might charge you more for the same procedure. In general, it is best to get a quote from a few clinics before making your decision.

7. Brand of Kybella used

Kybella is produced by two different companies, Allergan and Merz Aesthetics. The two brands are not interchangeable, so if you are quoted a price for Kybella from one clinic, make sure to ask how much the same treatment would cost at a clinic that uses the Merz Aesthetic brand. The two brands have different prices, so it is important to know which brand your doctor is using.

8. Additional treatments

Additional treatments

Some people might need additional treatments after their initial Kybella treatment. If this is the case, then your clinic might charge you an additional fee for each treatment.

9. Complications

Although rare, some people do experience complications after their Kybella treatments. If this is the case, then your clinic might waive the initial Kybella cost and charge you per injection instead. So, if you experience any problems after your Kybella treatment, make sure to consult your doctor before agreeing on a new fee for extra injections.

10. The patient’s body type

Kybella is not one size fits all. The amount of Kybella that is needed to achieve the desired results varies depending on the patient’s body type. If you are overweight, then your doctor might need to use more Kybella to achieve the same results on someone who is of normal weight. This means that the cost of your treatment might vary depending on your body type.

11. The patient’s age

Kybella is not recommended for use in patients who are under the age of 18. This means that if you are a minor, your clinic might charge you a higher price for the same treatment. In addition, some clinics might not offer Kybella treatments to minors at all.

12. The patient’s medical history and current health condition

Kybella is meant for use in adults who are in good health and relatively free of skin problems like cystic acne or rosacea. If you have a medical history that includes these issues, then your clinic might charge you extra or deny treatment altogether.

13. Underlying conditions

Underlying conditions

Kybella can cause side effects that might affect your ability to see and hear normally. If you have an underlying condition that affects your eyesight or hearing, then your clinic might charge you extra for your Kybella treatment if they need to use more injections than usual.

14. How many treatments

The number of Kybella treatments you need also affects the overall cost of your treatment. In general, the more treatments you need, the more expensive your treatment will be.

Kybella Before & After Pics

In Summary

Kybella costs vary depending on the clinic you go to and the questions above should help you get an idea of how much your treatment will cost. So, make sure to ask all of your doctor’s questions before moving forward with any Kybella treatments.

Kybella, also known as deoxycholic acid, is an injectable treatment that has been shown to reduce the size of the fat cells in the chin.

The Kybella injection is a non-surgical procedure that takes about 10 minutes. The cost of Kybella can range anywhere from $500 to $1500.

Kybella is FDA-approved and has been shown to be effective for these types of patients:

  • people who are overweight or obese
  • people with a double chin
  • people who have lost weight and now have excess skin or fat around their chin

Kybella is a non-surgical, FDA-approved injection that gets rid of the double chin.

Kybella is an injectable FDA-approved solution for getting rid of the double chin. The drug destroys fat cells in the chin area to give you a slimmer profile. It has been used since 2015 and it is becoming increasingly popular with individuals who are unhappy with their chins or who are already undergoing other cosmetic procedures.

Some people are not clear about how Kybella works, so let’s look at some benefits of this treatment to see if it might be right for you:

  • Kybella treatment doesn’t require surgery or general anesthesia
  • You can wear your usual clothes and makeup after the procedure
  • There are no scars

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