How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Shipping Container?

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  • According to Container Traders, the average cost of hiring a shipping container ranges from $120 to $790 per month, for 3 months at a time, depending on the size (Source).
  • By contrast, the U.S. based website says that generally, you can rent storage containers for $110 per month for a 12-foot container and $120 for a 16-foot container. These monthly rental rates will vary and depend on the storage duration, their container availability, geography, and add-on features (doors, built-in shelving, locking mechanisms, awnings, and custom sizing (Source).
  • According to 360MobileOffice, a traditional 20-foot or 40-foot container will require a monthly payment of anywhere from $50 to $500 per month (Source)
  • Delivery costs can be extra- ranging from $100 to $500, depending on your location (Source).
  • We recommend getting in touch with a local shipping container company to get a personalized quote.
  • Overall: Most units can be rented by the month, in various sizes, but delivery fees are an added expense!

Factors to Consider When Renting a Shipping Container

The cost of renting a shipping container will depend on the following factors:

Location and Delivery

The cost of hiring a shipping container depends on the location and delivery fees. Renting a storage container from a supplier located thousands of miles away then expect to pay substantial delivery fees.

The delivery fees and general cost of hiring the container will surpass buying your shipping container.

We recommend going for suppliers within your vicinity for better pricing. The delivery fees will be less due to the short distance.

Age and Condition Of Container

The condition and age of the container usually have a direct impact on the cost. Old storage containers are relatively affordable than new ones.

Old shipping containers are believed to have been used heavily, and brand new boxes have never been used. Hence, the reason behind the higher price for new containers.

One thing to put into consideration is that brand new containers do not have any damages. Therefore, the commodities being shipped are a guarantee of maximum safety.

Size of the Container

Storage containers come in different sizes. The two primary standard boxes measure about 20 feet and 40 feet. The cost of hiring anyone of the two containers will depend on the size.

The 20-foot container is quite affordable when compared to a 40-foot container. Therefore, assess the number of commodities to be shipped before choosing a specific box.

That’s not all. The price per size will also depend on the condition of the container. New shipping containers are quite expensive but worth the value of your money.

The Add-on Features

The intention of using the storage container is yet a crucial factor to consider. These containers tend to come with a dozen add-on features to choose from according to the business needs.

Keep in mind that these add-on features will stretch the cost of hiring. The good thing is that these additional features are worth the value of your money.

The doors and locking mechanisms will guarantee the ultimate safety of the commodities on transits. Hence, reduce the risks of theft and damage by harsh weather conditions.

Seasonal Changes

The supply and demand of the products will determine the cost of hiring a shipping container. Besides that, the price of steel and the economy’s stability will also play a crucial role.

For instance, when the cost of steel used in constructing a shipping container is high, many suppliers will charge higher prices for hiring or buying.

Dipping of the economy will force the suppliers to charge higher prices to their customers when renting the storage container.

Your Budget

The cost of hiring a container depends on the budget of the customers. Different container sizes tend to have different prices.

Therefore, if you have a low budget, we recommend storing containers that suit your wallet. However, those with a loaded wallet should go for containers with premium add-on features.

Wrap Up

There are thousands of shipping container suppliers across the world. These companies have several depots for the delivery of these storage containers.

If you are looking for the best hiring or buying experience, it is advisable to consider big brands. These suppliers have great recognition, and they are regarded as the best suppliers.

However, hiring a shipping container blindly can be quite expensive. The chances of draining your wallet or bank account are relatively high.

Therefore, reading about the factors to consider before hiring a shipping container will be a real gem. These factors will help you to make an informed decision before spending any amount of money.

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