How Much Does A Dump Truck Load Of Gravel Cost [Price Stats]

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  • According to the CostHelper, a truckload of gravel prices ranges drastically. It can be from as low as $300 to thousands of dollars.
  • A 12 by a 25-foot driveway, with about 4 inches of gravel, may cost approximately $300 to $1,000. (Source)
  • To know the cost of gravel, you may use $60 for every yard. You may use the gravel cost calculator to know exactly the whole cost of a dump truckload of gravel.
  • A dump truck can hold 13 tons to 25 tons of gravel. The use of gravel stone is very wide. Construction costs often directly depend on the cost of materials on the market at the time.
  • According to this Reddit user, the cost will depend on where you live as the delivery distance for most places is limited. The further you are, the more expensive it will be.
  • 2B Limestone can be obtained from any local landscape or supply store.
  • Most places have a minimum delivery amount (often 2 Tons). It’ll consume a lot of tonnage very quickly. 2B gravel will cost between $30 and $30 per ton depending on where you live.
  • Depending on where you live, it may be possible to get more. Ask them if they can “tailor it” for your needs. Some will, others won’t.

Any modern construction must use gravel. It is the basis of any modern construction. You cannot do without it when laying the foundation of a house, building a road, or in other areas. This is a necessary type of stone that is used in daily construction.

How much does a dump truckload of gravel cost? This is the query that most people would love to know since it is in high demand these days. You may want to use gravel, maybe for your backyard or pavement so, knowing the cost will help you plan accordingly.

Gravel is a building and decorative material that is formed as a result of the natural destruction of rocks. It has a rounded shape and different shades. There are several types of gravel, and the price will be formed depending on the region and method of extraction.

To find out how much does a dump truckload of gravel costs, you need to determine for what purpose the material will be used and choose the right type of it. For example, river gravel will differ in price from open-pit gravel. When choosing raw materials, you should also pay attention to the study of fractions.

Gravel fractions

  • Fine gravel or screenings have a grain size of up to 1.25mm
  • Medium – 2.5-5mm
  • Large – 5-10mm
  • Very large up to 20mm

Gravel 5-20 mm has found widespread use, Its price is affordable, and the availability of several types allows you to choose the one suitable for various types of work.

The cost of dump truckload of gravel cost

What determines the cost of gravel stone?

What determines the cost of gravel stone?

Its origin, fraction and properties are the major determinants of its cost. The cost per cubic meter of one type of material may differ several times from the cost of another type of material. What exactly determines the cost of the material? How is its final cost formed?

Gravel stone is a bulk solid inorganic material that is widely used in various types of construction work. It is obtained from carbonate rocks, metamorphic rocks, igneous rocks, and sandstones.

The origin is an important factor that affects the material cost because some types are more accessible than others. Thus, the prevalence of gravel is a factor that can reduce the total cost or vice versa.

Energy Consumption

Another factor affecting the cost of gravel is energy consumption. The harder it is, the more effort is needed to crush it, thus higher cost. Gravel is quite hard so, a lot of energy is used in making it. As such, the price might be quite high too.

Gravel Size

Another factor is the gravel size. This is actually the size of gravel itself. The cost per cubic meter of gravel also depends on this. So, for example, small fractions are better compacted, providing a better adhesion with other building components. Therefore, the smaller the fraction, the higher the cost of the entire gravel.

Origin and production technology

Origin and production technology

Gravel stone refers to the bulk solid inorganic materials, and it is used in many areas of construction. Raw materials for production can be sandstones, metamorphic rocks, carbonate rocks (dolomites and limestones), igneous rocks (granites, gabbros and diabases).

The origin also affects the cost since there are more of some species in nature, others – less, and, accordingly, the price for them will be higher.

If we compare limestone and granite stone, the latter’s cost is an order of magnitude higher since it has the best properties and technical characteristics. The cost for other species – amphibolite, quartzite, gravel, gabbro-diorite – is approximately the same.

The production technology also determines the final cost. There are many costly parts, and all of them must be implemented before presenting the stone to the buyer in the form they are used to seeing. The energy intensity of each of these processes further determines its price.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs

Transport services also affect the final cost of gravel and depend on:

  • The distance from the quarry to the object
  • The carrying capacity of the dump truck
  • The availability of access roads for special equipment
  • The strength of the construction site
  • The delivery mode of the gravel


Absolutely gravel stone contains lamellar and acicular grains. These two determine the amount of the flakiness index. The higher the flakiness index, the worse the quality and performance of the material, leading to a lower price. Therefore, consider its flakiness a lot.

The company

The average market price for gravel is approximately the same everywhere, but there is a difference for the same type in various firms. And this difference is determined by companies that offer to buy raw materials at one price or another.

What affects the cost is either the wholesale or retail, regular or one-time, whether the order is far away or not far away. All these affect the final cost of gravel.

When choosing the gravel as a building material, it is, of course, necessary to be guided by the price, but the choice of the cheapest material often comes at great expense in the future. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the quality and not just on its price.

Of course, when choosing gravel, you need to focus on its cost. So, knowing the cost of a dump truckload of gravel will be essential. This way, you will be able to plan yourself accordingly.

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