Wood Therapy Sculpting Massage Pricing [Cost Stats]

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  • The cost of a Colombian reduction massage (or wood therapy) will vary by location and package– we’ve seen it as cheap as $75 a session (Source) for a dedicated session, or as parts of pricier packages that include other treatments like ice therapy for 12 sessions for $1,000 (Source)
  • You can find it bundled inside packages, like this Cellulite Blasting Therapy, $80 for an hour.
  • Costs will vary by whether you go for full body or half body wood therapy- and whether you go to a salon or find someone to come to your home (Source)
  • It’s a popular massaging technique is used to ease back pain, reduce cellulite through lymphatic drainage, and minimize stress; some women offer this service in their homes or beauty parlors.
  • It is thought to be a Colombian specialty and prior to getting it done, you are also supposed to eat clean and drink lots of water. Your body can swell up after 3 days and drains after a week- so aftercare is crucial to managing these side effects (Source).
  • This type of contouring is known for its ability to help reduce the size of your hips, thighs, and buttocks- albeit temporarily (Source).
  • So, if you are looking to reduce the size of your hips, thighs, and buttocks, a Colombian reduction massage can be something to try.

Before & After Wood Therapy Pics


Wood therapy massage cost factors

Before you begin a massage process, it is important to know that if the massage session consists of only one part, you have been cheated. A good specialist or therapist will provide you with a package or two parts called Colombian reduction.

In this way, the client can have an excellent experience and result for a much better price. Here are some factors that determine how much you’ll spend on Colombian reduction massage:

1) Masseuse’s experience

Masseuse's experience

The more experienced and skillful is the masseuse, the more expensive his work is. With experience, they add to their services such as reflexology and exfoliation. An experienced masseuse will provide you with more massage oil than a less experienced one.

2) Place or establishment

Place or establishment

The location where it is located has a great weight in determining the service price because usually massage establishments are in remote places that cost money to get to when commuting also counts and can be considered an extra expense.

A good place for Colombian reductions must have air conditioning, comfortable chairs and towels at no additional charge (the same with water), specialized music, and high-quality oils.

It’s important that if there’s a possibility of sheeting, you ask about them before starting the session since some places don’t use them due to hygiene issues. Prices usually range from ($25 – $60) for a one-hour session- depending on location. Obviously, large metro areas will be more expensive.

3) Massaging oil for massaging to be used

Massaging oil for massaging to be used

A masseuse can use many oils in massages, but sweet almond oil is the most recommended and common. However, if you have allergies to nuts, it’s important to inform the masseuse before starting the session—a good quality massage oil costs ($5 – $10) per liter.

4) Packages included

It’s important that when going to get a massage, you know what is included in the service, so you don’t have any surprises when finishing the session. A package for a Colombian reduction massage usually includes a back, neck, and shoulder massage. It will be an additional cost if you want to include a foot massage.

5) Traveling expenses of the masseuse

Another important factor determining how much you spend on the massage is the traveling expenses incurred by the masseuse to get to your place. Usually, there is no additional charge if the masseuse lives in the same city as the client.

However, if she has to travel from another city, you must pay a transportation fee. Prices for transportation fees can vary depending on the distance between the two places.

6) Type of massage

Type of massage

The type of massage you want also determines how much you spend on the service. If you want a relaxation massage, the price will be lower than if you want a more therapeutic massage. If you decide to combine a Colombian reduction massage with another type of massage, the price will be even lower.

Prices usually range from ($10 – $30) for a one-hour relaxation massage session, while those who want more treatment can pay from ($20 – $50) per hour.

7) Session duration in hours

The duration of the session is also a determining factor in how much you spend on the massage. Another thing, if the session is longer than one hour, usually the price is lower.

Those who opt for a 60-minute session usually pay from ($10 – $30), while those who prefer 90 minutes usually pay around ($15 – $40). Usually, one-hour sessions are the most common, but some establishments offer packages for two or three hours.

8) Promotions or discounts offered by the provider

Promotions or discounts offered by the provider

When going to get a massage, providers often offer promotions or discounts that can reduce the cost of the service. It’s important to ask about these promotions before starting the session to take advantage of them.

Prices vary depending on how much time has passed since buying the promotion and that they change often. However, prices for this type of discount cannot be generalized.

9) Area where you live

Area where you live

Another important factor is where you live. Prices vary depending on the locality and the average income of its inhabitants. Usually, the more affluent neighborhoods have higher prices for massages than those located in poorer areas. This, however, is not a hard and fast rule, and some places offer massages at lower prices in richer areas.

So, how much should you expect to spend on a Colombian reduction massage?

Depending on the factors mentioned above, the cost can vary from ($50 – $250) for a one-hour session. However, it’s important to remember that the price can change depending on the provider, the type of massage, and the area where you live. In any case, it’s always best to consult with the establishment before making a purchase.

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