Double Chin Liposuction Cost: Price Stats

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  • Under chin lipo, or double chin liposuction, can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000 for this kind of liposuction, which is a pretty wide range (Source).
  • But if complications arise during or after the operation, extra fees might be required, which could add up to $10,000 (Source).
  • The cost of this procedure will vary depending on several factors, including the surgeon’s experience and location.
  • Be very careful when choosing a clinic as you don’t want to pay much money only for being injured afterward.
  • Under the chin liposuction is a surgical technique that allows the user to reduce the volume of fatty tissue, mainly in the neck, under the chin.
  • The main objective is to reduce the volume of fat pockets and give a more attractive and slim appearance.

Under chin lipo cost factors

Under chin lipo is a relatively new procedure, so that the cost may vary from one clinic to another. The main factors that will influence the cost of under chin liposuction are:

1) The geographical location of the clinic

The geographical location of the clinic

The costs of living are different depending on where the clinic is located. For example, in cities or countries where living expenses are high, you can expect to pay more for medical treatment than in places where costs are lower.

The cost of under chin lipo will be higher in major cities since clinics operating in big cities have several branches and can afford a bigger space to conduct their business.

On the other hand, the cost of under chin lipo may be lower in small towns or rural areas with fewer medical alternatives than large cities, where more patients flock to different medical establishments daily.

2) The level of experience and popularity of the clinic

Clinics that have been around for years usually have the upper hand in gaining public trust because they have already established a good reputation. This translates to gaining loyal customers who would usually stick with them even if some new clinic opened up across town offering more reasonable prices.

This procedure has recently become famous; not all surgeons have experience with it yet. Newer clinics may charge less because they do not have enough experience with under chin liposuction procedures.

On the other hand, experienced surgeons work in established clinics, and their rates may be higher because you get what you pay for; however, this will vary by location.

3) The type of anesthesia used & fees

The type of anesthesia used & fees

If local anesthesia is used, expect to pay lower fees. In cases where general anesthesia is preferred, the cost of under chin lipo will be higher due to higher prices for its use.

However, in most cases, a less expensive form of general anesthesia may be injected into the veins instead of going straight into your lungs or airways. This type of anesthesia causes you to fall asleep, but it doesn’t suppress all movements and reflexes as other types do.

There are also combinations of different anesthetics that can be administered for people with heightened sensitivity to pain medications.

4) Whether or not complications occur

This factor could add up extra costs such as paying for medicines and other treatments if complications such as excessive bleeding, infection, and swelling occur.

Another thing, if revisional surgery is needed, it generally costs more than the original surgery. It is essential to consider the surgeon’s experience when dealing with complications.

An experienced surgeon can handle these issues quickly and efficiently without additional costs that a new practitioner may charge. However, you would have paid for the surgery and post-operative treatments if no complications occurred.

5) The number of sessions

The number of sessions

There are cases where several sessions or operations might be required to achieve your desired results. This is especially true when you have undergone previous surgeries and procedures for liposuction.

In these cases, the cost of under chin lipo will be higher since you would need more sessions to achieve your desired result.

In addition, each session might require a separate recovery period. If this is the case, expect that the number of under chin lipo sessions may also influence the cost of under chin lipo.

6) The size and complexity of the procedure

The larger the area that needs to be suctioned, the higher the cost. More time is required to complete the surgery, anesthesia fees, and other overhead expenses.

The complexity of the surgery will also affect how much you will pay for under chin lipo. For example, surgeries that require more cuts and stitches will be priced higher than those that don’t.

Lastly, some clinics may charge extra if there are special requests or demands from patients, such as wanting a particular type of anesthesia used or requesting that the surgery be done in a specific way.

7) Aesthetic results, aftercare, and prognosis

Aesthetic results, aftercare, and prognosis

Long-term results are difficult to predict as it also depends on how we take care of our body (diet and healthy lifestyle). Usually, the skin retracts and becomes tauter after liposuction. However, if significant weight is gained after the surgery, the skin may not adjust and look stretched.

Some surgeons offer a money-back guarantee or a complimentary surgery if certain conditions are met. This usually happens if the patient is not fully satisfied with the surgery results.

8) Promotions or discounts offered by the provider

Of course, you would benefit from financial perks if the surgeon offers discounts or freebies. The best way to find out about this is to ask during consultations.

Some surgeons also offer financing options for procedures that are too expensive. Depending on your agreement with the clinic, you can use loans, credit card payments, and other flexible payment methods.


The cost of under chin lipo will vary based on several factors beyond your control. Given this, you need to do some research and prepare yourself financially before committing to any clinic or surgeon.

You can lower your risk of being overcharged by looking for a highly qualified, reputable, and experienced surgeon with low fees in an established clinic that has been around for many years so that you can be confident about its track record.

Keep in mind that there isn’t any guarantee when undergoing cosmetic procedures since everyone’s body responds differently to treatments. However, it is still advisable to go through with the surgery. There are positive outcomes that outweigh the risk factors involved with these surgeries. This is especially true since there are many ways to get help if problems occur.

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