TeamRaiser Price: Exploring Fundraising Solutions for Nonprofits

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Fundraising is always high on the agenda for charities and nonprofits, but finding the right tools to achieve these goals can be challenging. TeamRaiser is a peer-to-peer fundraising platform designed to help such organizations boost their revenue through innovative technology solutions.

This blog post will guide you in exploring the cost of adopting TeamRaiser compared with other similar platforms, providing valuable insights on various factors that affect its price.

Read on and discover how TeamRaiser could potentially optimize your fundraisers!

Key Takeaways

  • TeamRaiser is a peer-to-peer fundraising platform designed to help nonprofits raise more money at events and grow their revenue.
  • The cost of TeamRaiser varies depending on factors like organization size, pricing tiers, and the type of fundraising campaigns you plan to do.
  • When comparing fundraising solutions, it’s important to consider the features provided in addition to the cost. TeamRaiser offers customizable participant centers, gamification elements, advanced marketing tools, automated coaching, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  • Case studies have shown that major nonprofits like the American Cancer Society and Make-A-Wish Foundation have achieved impressive results using TeamRaiser in their fundraising efforts.

What is TeamRaiser?

TeamRaiser is an innovative peer-to-peer fundraising software designed specifically for nonprofits to maximize their fundraising potential through events and participant centers.

Overview of TeamRaiser

TeamRaiser is a tool for nonprofits to raise money. It helps groups get more funds at events and grow big. Blackbaud, the company that makes TeamRaiser, also gives the service with special centers for big nonprofits.

This tool can help groups think bigger about their plans to make friends and run many campaigns at once. With TeamRaiser, it’s easy to add new ideas and methods into your work.

Benefits of using TeamRaiser for nonprofits

TeamRaiser offers many benefits for nonprofits. It is a peer-to-peer fundraising software that helps organizations raise more money at events and grow. With TeamRaiser, nonprofits can invest in their peer-to-peer strategies and create complex multichannel campaigns.

It provides custom participant centers for major nonprofits, giving them innovative ways to engage with donors. TeamRaiser also offers scalability options for startups and midsized to large nonprofits looking to expand their event-based fundraising efforts.

Overall, TeamRaiser is a comprehensive solution that helps nonprofits achieve their fundraising goals while improving donor engagement.

Pricing and Cost of TeamRaiser

TeamRaiser offers different pricing options and plans to accommodate the needs of nonprofits, with factors such as organization size and fundraising goals affecting the overall cost.

Different pricing options and plans

TeamRaiser offers different pricing options and plans to meet the needs of nonprofits. Here are some key details about the pricing:

  • Donately offers three pricing tiers for its fundraising software, starting from $0/month with a 4% platform fee. They also have an Enterprise tier for larger organizations.
  • Fundly charges a platform fee of 4.9%, along with a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30.
  • Blackbaud’s Enhanced TeamRaiser solution provides custom participant centers for major nonprofits, but the pricing details are not specified.
  • Raiser’s Edge is another software product by Blackbaud that helps nonprofits boost revenue and improve donor engagement, but its pricing is not mentioned.

Factors affecting the cost of TeamRaiser

The cost of TeamRaiser can be affected by a few factors. One factor is the pricing tiers offered by the platform. There are different plans available, such as startup, team, and enterprise, with varying features and costs.

Another factor is the size of your nonprofit organization. Midsized to large nonprofits may have different pricing options compared to smaller organizations. The type of fundraising you plan to do also matters.

Event-based fundraising may have different pricing compared to other types of campaigns. It’s important to consider these factors when deciding on the cost of using TeamRaiser for your nonprofit organization.

Comparisons with other fundraising solutions

When discussing TeamRaiser’s price, it’s instructive to compare it with other fundraising solutions such as Donately, Fundly, Classy, and Raiser’s Edge. These platforms also provide various features and support for nonprofits.

Software Pricing Structure Key Features
TeamRaiser (Blackbaud) Custom Pricing Customizable Participant Center, Gamification, Advanced Marketing Tools, Automated Coaching, Reporting
Donately Three Pricing Tiers: $0/month with a 4% platform fee to an Enterprise tier Peer-to-peer fundraising, Recurring donations, Donor management
Fundly 4.9% platform fee, plus a credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 Peer-to-peer fundraising, Social media integration, Customizable fundraising pages
Classy Custom Pricing Online fundraising, Event registration, Peer-to-peer fundraising
Raiser’s Edge (Blackbaud) Custom Pricing Fundraising and relationship management, Event and volunteer management, Online giving

When looking for a fundraising solution, the cost should be evaluated alongside the features provided. Not all platforms offer the same services, thus it’s essential to identify the specific needs of your nonprofit organization. TeamRaiser, for instance, offers comprehensive features suitable for large nonprofits aiming to scale their peer-to-peer strategies with multichannel campaigns.

Features and Functionality of TeamRaiser

TeamRaiser offers a variety of features and functionality to enhance the fundraising experience for nonprofits, including customizable personal pages, gamification elements, advanced marketing tools, automated coaching, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Participant Center

The Participant Center is a key feature of TeamRaiser that helps nonprofits engage their supporters and participants in fundraising campaigns. It’s like a personal hub where participants can create their own fundraising pages, track progress, and connect with donors.

They can customize their pages with photos, videos, and personalized messages to make them more compelling. The Participant Center also provides tools for participants to send emails, share on social media, and thank donors.

With this feature, nonprofits can empower their supporters to raise more funds and expand the reach of their cause.

Customizable Personal Pages

TeamRaiser offers customizable personal pages for participants, allowing them to personalize their fundraising efforts and engage with donors. These pages can be easily customized with photos, videos, and personal stories to make a heartfelt appeal to potential donors.

Nonprofits can also add branding elements to maintain a consistent look and feel across all participant pages. With these customizable personal pages, nonprofits can create a more personalized and compelling experience for their supporters, increasing the likelihood of donations and engagement.


TeamRaiser offers an exciting feature called gamification, which can make fundraising more fun and engaging for your participants. Gamification involves incorporating game-like elements into your fundraising campaigns to motivate and reward donors.

With TeamRaiser, you can create challenges, competitions, and leaderboards to encourage friendly competition among your supporters. This can help drive up donations and create a sense of excitement around your fundraising events.

By adding gamification to your peer-to-peer fundraising efforts, you can increase donor engagement and ultimately raise more money for your nonprofit organization.

Some other peer-to-peer fundraising platforms also offer gamification features. Donately allows participants to earn badges for reaching specific milestones or completing certain tasks.

Classy provides virtual medals as rewards for achieving fundraising goals. These gamified elements not only make the donation process more enjoyable but also inspire participants to take action and spread the word about their involvement in your cause.

Advanced Marketing Tools

TeamRaiser offers advanced marketing tools that can help nonprofits boost their fundraising efforts. With these tools, organizations can create targeted campaigns and reach a wider audience.

One example is the customizable personal pages feature, which allows participants to personalize their fundraising pages and share them with their networks. This helps increase donor engagement and encourages more donations.

Additionally, TeamRaiser provides automated coaching to guide participants throughout the fundraising process, ensuring they have the support they need to succeed. These advanced marketing tools make it easier for nonprofits to promote their cause and connect with potential donors in a meaningful way.

Automated Coaching

Automated coaching is a feature of TeamRaiser that helps nonprofits improve their fundraising efforts. It provides guidance and suggestions to participants, helping them reach their fundraising goals.

With automated coaching, participants receive personalized messages and tips based on their progress and activity. This feature not only motivates participants but also ensures that they have the right tools and strategies to succeed in their fundraising campaigns.

Nonprofits can save time by letting the software handle the coaching process, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. By leveraging automated coaching, organizations can increase donor engagement and ultimately raise more funds for their cause.


TeamRaiser offers robust reporting features that provide nonprofits with valuable insights into their fundraising efforts. With TeamRaiser’s reporting capabilities, organizations can track and analyze key metrics to measure the success of their campaigns.

This includes monitoring donation amounts, participant engagement levels, and overall campaign performance. Nonprofits can also generate custom reports to gain a deeper understanding of donor behavior and identify areas for improvement.

The reporting functionality in TeamRaiser helps nonprofits make data-driven decisions and optimize their fundraising strategies for better results.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Learn how major nonprofits have achieved impressive results and impact through the use of TeamRaiser in their fundraising efforts. These real-world examples will inspire and guide your organization towards success.

Examples of nonprofits using TeamRaiser

  • American Cancer Society: The American Cancer Society has successfully used TeamRaiser to raise funds for cancer research and support programs. They have seen significant growth in their fundraising efforts and have been able to engage their supporters through personalized participant centers.
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation: The Make-A-Wish Foundation has utilized TeamRaiser to organize fundraising events and grants wishes to children with critical illnesses. With the help of TeamRaiser, they have been able to reach more donors and increase their impact.
  • Habitat for Humanity: Habitat for Humanity has leveraged TeamRaiser’s features to raise funds for building affordable housing. They have seen a boost in donor engagement and participation in their fundraising events.
  • March of Dimes: March of Dimes, a nonprofit organization focused on improving the health of mothers and babies, has effectively used TeamRaiser to raise funds for their programs. They have achieved remarkable results by engaging their supporters through customizable personal pages and gamification features.
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America: The Boys & Girls Clubs of America have utilized TeamRaiser’s advanced marketing tools to promote their fundraising campaigns. They have seen an increase in donations and improved communication with their supporters.

These examples demonstrate the success that nonprofits can achieve by using TeamRaiser as their fundraising solution. With its comprehensive features and functionality, organizations can effectively engage donors, drive donations, and make a meaningful impact in their communities.

Results and impact achieved through TeamRaiser

TeamRaiser has had a positive impact on many nonprofits, helping them to achieve impressive results in their fundraising efforts. For example, major nonprofits using Blackbaud’s Enhanced TeamRaiser solution have seen significant growth and success.

They have been able to create custom participant centers that engage donors and encourage them to participate in events. This has led to increased donations and better donor engagement overall.

Other peer-to-peer fundraising platforms like Donately, Fundly, and Classy have also helped nonprofits achieve great outcomes. These platforms provide technology solutions that streamline online fundraising campaigns and make it easier for organizations to connect with donors.

By leveraging these tools, nonprofits have been able to raise more money for their causes and build stronger relationships with supporters.

In conclusion, TeamRaiser and other similar fundraising software have proven effective in helping nonprofits meet their financial goals. By using these platforms, organizations can maximize the impact of their events and engage donors in meaningful ways.


In conclusion, TeamRaiser is a powerful fundraising solution for nonprofits. With its innovative features and customizable participant centers, it helps organizations raise more money at events and scale for growth.

While there are other options available in the market, TeamRaiser stands out as a comprehensive and effective choice for nonprofit organizations looking to enhance their peer-to-peer strategies and engage donors in meaningful ways.

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