How much to charge for bush hogging? [Price Stats]

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How much to charge for bush hogging? It’s a question that plagues land owners and would-be service providers alike. So, what’s the answer?

Bush hogging is a pretty common practice, so there are plenty of people who can give you an idea of what to charge. But, it’s important to remember that pricing is always negotiable, so be sure to stay flexible!

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how much you want to make for your services. So, how do you go about setting your rates? Read on for some tips!

Before determining charges for bush hogging, you must know many variables that you must consider to achieve reasonable costs. These variables include:

  • What you are bush hogging?
  • Obstacles on the land
  • The number of acres you plan to bush hog
  • The duration to get from and o the land
  • How often has bush hogging been done?

You must understand that these variables determine how long bush hogging will take and the total charges you can justify. This means the charges of bush hogging usually vary from time to time. Therefore, let us look at how you can charge for bush hogging in different scenarios.

  • If you use a tractor for bush hogging, you can charge at least $75 each hour.
  • However, some individuals using a tractor for business purposes charge up to $100 each hour.
  • Clearing 1-acre land takes about 3- 4 hours on average hence per hour charges can be approximately $130 – $250.
  • When bush hogging your land in preparation for building, the average cost is about $2 700. However, the charges also depend on the amount of work and the size of your land. If your land is big enough, it will range between $350 to $8,000. Bush hogging per square foot of your land can cost you $1.25 to $2.

How much does it pay?

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Well, if you’re interested in starting a bush hogging business, now is the perfect time!

Bush hogging is a great way to earn extra income, and it’s also a lot of fun. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on how to get started. So read on and learn everything you need to know about pricing a bush hogging business!

Factors determining bush hogging costs

Before you opt for bush hogging, you must know a few factors determining its charges. Below is an overview of these factors:

Challenges of the job

If you are clearing young trees from your land, you can use a standard bush hog. On the other hand, you might require unique brushing cutting tools, such as a tree cutter and an HD rotary cutter if the trees you are clearing feature a diameter that is over 2.

The industry has many bush hogging operators, but a few feature specialized tree cutter tools for large brush clearing and heavy maintenance.

Wear on bush hogging tools

Bush hogging jobs usually vary based on the type of vegetation and size. It is easy and quick to cut dry grass, hence being less costly.

Working on a huge sapling, especially in a rocky environment, only brings a lot of wear to bush hogging equipment, translating to costlier repairs and maintenance.

Job distance

Most bush hogging companies value time because time wasted can never be recovered.

Driving to where your land is situated can consume a lot of time that you could have used to get maximum hourly charges for actual dirt road maintenance, land clearing as well as brush hogging.

It would help if you had an equipment trailer or heavy-duty truck to pull the tractor to the land you want to prepare. Therefore, if you combine the charges of tractor, trailer, and truck, there is no doubt that the bush hog operator has over $100 000 invested in tools.

When pulling a tractor weighing 4 tons and above, the HD truck acquires around 8 miles per gallon. This means the bush hog operator must have a significant investment to offer you the required services.

Why do you require bush hogging services?

Suppose you have land that has not undergone maintenance for a long duration.

There is no doubt that you will require bush hogging services. Furthermore, a land that has not been cultivated for long needs bush hogging before it can be utilized for another objective. Below are a few scenarios that require you to consider bush hogging:

  • Desire to do a routing land check when a new season begins
  • The desire to utilize your land for a different or new purpose
  • If you have inherited a property that is not maintained

Bush hogging leaves your ground rich in nutrients, hence boosting the productivity of other plants.

How long does bush hogging take?

The duration bush hogging takes depends on several factors, such as:


Under optimal conditions, the bush hog operator can clear 1.5- 3 acres within an hour. The optimal condition does not include saplings but even ground and dry vegetation. Suppose your land does not feature any of the mentioned conditions; bush hogging can take longer than expected.

Blade cutter width

How long bush hogging takes also depends on your blade cutter width. A tractor featuring a bush hog attachment enables you to cover an acre within an hour. If you use a hand-pushed machine, bush hogging will consume a lot of time


The surrounding brush density has the potential to affect the speed of driving your bush log. Additionally, uneven or bumpy terrain can slow your work to 2 MPH.

Final verdict

If you plan to venture into agriculture, you must consider bush hogging. It assists you in cleaning your land and taking care of your crops and plants.

Bush hogging entails machinery work, which means it comes with a cost. This comprehensive article has given you an overview of the price, but remember, the charges usually depend on the abovementioned factors.


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