How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Bobcat?

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  • Renting a Bobcat or known as ‘Skid-Steer Loader’ would cost about $383 (Source).
  • Bobcat is a company that invented the skid-steer loader; the reason why most skid-steer loaders from their company are called the Bobcat. They earned the reputation they hold now from the excellence of their entire compact equipment industry which started after the success of their skid-steer loader invention (Source).
  • The cost of rentals depends on the equipment’s model, the rental period, and the location which may cause variations in rental costs. This list of daily, weekly, and monthly prices of the rentals could be used as a basis. Direct inquiries are needed regarding the rental and its total cost.
  • Bobcat offers a lot of rental services and has a lot of offices around the US. This Find a Dealer option they have and could be found on their website will be a huge help to find the nearest Bobcat dealer around the area.
  • There are also a lot of research articles about Bobcat’s skid-steer loaders that are very knowledgeable and back up the success, as well as their company’s reputation for being prominent with their pieces of equipment (Source).

Bobcat Rental Cost Factors

Bobcat or Skid-Steer Loader Model

For 60 years of providing the best service, quality, and performance, Bobcat has created more than one skid-steer loader which made a wide selection of Bobcats the customers could choose from.

Each Skid-Steer Model has a unique specification that makes choosing easy and the rental fees different from each model. Here are some Bobcat models and their daily rental prices (Source):

  1. Bobcat S70 (ideal for narrow doorways, alleys, gates, etc.) – $195
  2. Bobcat S450 (ideal for unloading flatbed trucks) – $220
  3. Bobcat S570 (ideal for placing pallets full of heavy stuff) – $265
  4. Bobcat S740 (ideal for any digging or lifting) – $345
  5. Bobcat T770 (ideal for tough, pushing, grading, loading, pushing, etc.) – $450
  6. Bobcat T850 (the largest skid-steer loader in the lineup) – $470

*Note that these daily rental prices are based on a specific location inside the US. You can view the rental costs of various Bobcat models based on your location by clicking the Bobcat’s Find a Dealer option on their main website and visiting the nearest Bobcat dealer’s website. The ‘rentals’ should be on the dealer’s main menu or the main page.

Rental Period

After choosing a specific Bobcat model, the next thing that must be decided is the rental period. This is the length of rental that could be measured in days, weeks, or months.

As skid-steer loaders have a lot of models that customers can choose from, choosing an expensive one could cost more as it is upgraded and has more work advantages. The rental costs will always depend on the rental period. Below are some of the previous Bobcats with their daily, weekly, and monthly rental prices (Source):

Model Daily Weekly Monthly
Bobcat S70 $195 $585 $1,755
Bobcat S450 $220 $660 $1,980
Bobcat S570 $265 $795 $2,385
Bobcat S740 $345 $1,035 $3,105
Bobcat T770 $450 $1,350 $4,050
Bobcat T850 $475 $1,405 $4,385

Renting these pieces of equipment will save you more money, especially if the rental period is longer. So, if you need to use the Bobcat for 2-3 days, renting it for the whole week will be much better as you will have two more extra days and use those days to lighten the workload and balance it for the whole week without spending too much money and time working.


As frequently mentioned above, one of the main factors that might affect the change to the Bobcat’s rental fee would be the location of the Bobcat dealer. There’s a big difference in the rental costs between those rentals from North Carolina and California. The rental costs depend not just on the rental period and model, but the location as well.

Skid-Steer Loaders or know as ‘Bobcats’ are very helpful in many ways may it be lifting, pulling, pushing, loading, and a lot more possible applications. This type of equipment is very essential nowadays to finish work easily and swiftly.

Renting these skid-steer loaders for days, weeks, or even months is definitely worth the rental cost especially if the work will be heavily reduced. Aside from the advantages, it gives people to alleviate the workload, it also provides an outstanding quality of service and performance that will gain people’s trust.

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