How Much Does Frase Cost? [Pricing]

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  • Frase can be paid monthly, from $44.99 a month to $114.99 a month, or $468 a year for the Basic plan and $1,199.88 a year for the Team plan
  • There are Enterprise plans available if you contact them- this will get more User Seats, API access and Custom Onboarding options
  • There is an SEO Add-On you can buy to get access to the Frase AI Writer- this will cost another $35 a month (Source)

Lifetime Deal?

At the time of this writing, the Frase lifetime deal has expired on AppSumo. But it’s a good idea to check in with AppSumo every so often to see if the deal has returned, or there are promoted discounts.

Frase Discounts & Promo Codes?

Frase sometimes offers discounts and promo codes. Check out DealSpotr and Knoji for up-to-date options.

What Is Frase?

Frase, an advanced writing assistant, which aims to reduce your workload by providing AI-powered tools that can help you write and summarize the content.

It is equipped with an automatic search engine that will help you be more productive. Frase is a smart research tool that can adapt to your writing style and help you summarize sources.

Frase is a smart assistant that saves time and eliminates the need to switch between your web browser and text editor.

Smart auto summarization allows you to quickly skim through articles and decide if they are relevant for you. The software also recommends topics that may be of value to you during content creation.

It is ideal for all kinds of businesses, small, medium, and large, thanks to its intelligent tools and features.

This smart assistant allows users to create innovative and engaging content with ease.

Individual users can get a free account with a maximum of 10 documents and 1 seat. The software also offers a variety of premium plans that can be customized to suit every budget.

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