How Much Does A Seabreacher Cost? $85k?

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  • Accorrding to Seabreacher’s website, the starting cost of a Seabreacher is $85,000.00 USD. (Source)
  • There are three different types of Seabreacher models offered by its manufacturer.
  • With Jetpack America, a Seabreacher costs $80,000.00 USD. (Source)

If you’re searching for a unique, adrenaline-fueled experience on the water, a Seabreacher might be just the ticket. These high-performance, semi-submersible watercrafts, designed by Innespace Productions, combine speed, agility, and a distinctive shark-like design to create a truly one-of-a-kind boating experience.

What is a Seabreacher? A Seabreacher is a two-seat, high-speed watercraft that’s capable of submerging briefly and leaping out of the water, much like a breaching shark. With their aerodynamic design and powerful engines, Seabreachers offer a dynamic, exhilarating ride.

Considerations Before You Buy

  1. Models: Seabreachers come in three main models: the dolphin-inspired X model, the killer whale-inspired Y model, and the shark-inspired Z model. Each has its own unique capabilities and aesthetics. The X, for instance, is more agile with higher top speed, while the Z is geared more towards acrobatic maneuvers.
  2. Cost: Seabreachers are luxury items, with prices starting in the mid to high five-figures and rising significantly depending on customization options. Consider the cost and whether it aligns with your budget.
  3. Customization: Seabreachers are highly customizable. Buyers can choose different paint jobs, interiors, and various performance and tech upgrades. The level of customization can greatly influence the final price.
  4. Training: Operating a Seabreacher requires specific training. The company offers an intensive training program for new owners to ensure they can safely operate and maintain the craft.
  5. Maintenance: As with any high-performance machine, regular maintenance is essential to keep a Seabreacher in top condition. Ensure you’re prepared for the cost and commitment of this upkeep.
  6. Storage and Transport: Seabreachers are approximately 17 feet long and weigh over 1300 pounds. Ensure you have adequate storage and transport arrangements.

Consumer Feedback Most Seabreacher owners express high satisfaction with their purchase, citing the thrill, speed, and unique capabilities of these watercraft. However, some mention the high costs of maintenance and the need for specialized training as potential drawbacks.

Cost Factors


  • Seabreacher X
  • Seabreacher Y
  • Seabreacher Z
  • Customization Options
  • New or Used

Seabreacher X

The Seabreacher X and the Seabreacher Y are similar to each other but the X model has a higher performance level with a more aggressive shark-shaped body. It has the option to upgrade from its 230-horsepower engine to a 300-horsepower engine.

Like the other two models, it has a fully vectored thrust system that mimics the movement of the animal it was designed after.

The Seabreacher X has normally been selling for about $90,000.00 USD as it seems to be the “cat’s meow” between the three models so far. It’s also the biggest at 200 inches long and forty-two inches wide. Throw in some customization and the price goes up.

Seabreacher Y

Designed to look and move like a killer whale, the Seabreacher Y model is run by a 230-horsepower supercharged engine.

On average, the Seabreacher Y has been selling for $80,000.00 USD but that’s before the customizing and upgrades that will shoot the price up. The Seabreache Y already comes as a two-seater within its 190-inch long body.

Seabreacher Z

In YEAR, the Seabreacher Z was the first model introduced by Seabreacher. There are three different body styles to choose from, which is dolphin, shark, or whale. The newer versions come with a Rotax 230-horsepower supercharged engine.

As a one-seater, it’s priced at $80,000.00 USD. There is the two-seater feature, which fetches a higher price tag, usually starting at $85,000.00 USD. However, bear in mind the extra seating capacity expands the length of the Seabreacher Z from 192 inches to 200 inches.

Customization Options

seabrezer customization

Like any purchased product, when a customer exercises the option to customize, the dollar value goes up. How far are you willing to go for that “all mine” statement?

As far as Wide Open Spaces are concerned, a Seabreacher is what you get when you cross a boat with a submarine. Aside from the $80,000.00 USD base price, once the customization options are exercised, the price can go up to $100,000.00 USD. (Source)

The customization options offered include the 300-horsepower engine upgrade, a custom aluminum trailer, and a depth finder. There’s also the LED speaker upgrade, waterproof headsets, and VHF radio. You can also customize the boat cover, as well as install a lifting cradle or wall mount. Would you also like some custom airbrushing? How about a portable cooling unit?

New or Used


At the moment, new Seabreacher units average $85,000.00 USD. As the company continues to wow the market with new designs and features, exchanging what’s previously purchased for something new is the norm.

This is simply how some of the wealthiest people who can afford to indulge in these pricy water toys operate. Because of the popularity of these machines, even buying one used may not come so cheap. On auction sites like eBay, they’ve been going for about $70,000.00 USD. (Source)

On the Watersky Sports website, there have been listings of used Seabreacher units that sell for much less than brand new models. The lowest-priced seen has been listed for $38,500.00 USD so far. The highest price was $51,000.00 USD.

Because the Seabreachers have become so popular as a rich person’s new toy, there haven’t been that many that have been exchanged for newer models just yet. This will likely change over time as Seabreacher continues to expand its product line. (Source)

A Seabreacher is an exciting investment for thrill-seekers looking for a unique watercraft. However, potential buyers should consider the cost, training requirements, and maintenance involved before making a purchase.

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