How Much Does A Godaddy Ssl Certificate Cost? $69.99?

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Here’s a quick summary of current GoDaddy SSL Certificate pricing (Source), though pricing will often vary because of seasonal discounts:

  1. Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate:
    • Prices as low as $69.99/yr with a 3-year term (30% savings).
    • Strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption, displays padlock in address bar.
    • Trust Seal to verify visitors’ data safety.
    • Ideal for 1 website, auto-validation, issuance in minutes.
    • Boosts Google® rankings, 30-day money back guarantee.
  2. Managed DV SSL Service:
    • Prices as low as $119.99/yr with a 2-year term (40% savings).
    • Strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption, displays padlock in address bar.
    • Trust Seal to verify visitors’ data safety.
    • Ideal for 1 fully managed website by GoDaddy.
    • Automated installation, ongoing maintenance, and updates.
  3. Organizational Validation (OV) SSL Certificate:
    • Prices as low as $135.99/yr with a 3-year term (20% savings).
    • Strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption, displays padlock in address bar.
    • Trust Seal to verify visitors’ data safety.
    • Ideal for 1 non-ecommerce organization or business website.
    • OV SSL certificates revalidate each year for the life of your subscription.
  4. Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate:
    • Prices as low as $124.99/yr with a 2-year term (50% savings).
    • Strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption, displays padlock in address bar.
    • Trust Seal to verify visitors’ data safety.
    • Ideal for 1 ecommerce website, the highest level of validation.
    • EV SSL certificates revalidate each year for the life of your subscription.

Please note that additional options are available for protecting multiple websites and subdomains, as indicated in the notes. Each SSL certificate comes with 24/7 expert support and a 30-day money back guarantee for added peace of mind.

The online world relies on SSL certificates to keep websites and users safe. One popular provider of these certificates is GoDaddy. But how much does a GoDaddy SSL certificate cost?

GoDaddy’s SSL certificate pricing offers a range of options. From $69.99 per year to $135.99 per year. This variety helps website owners choose the right encryption and validation.

Competitors may offer similar services at lower prices, but GoDaddy stands out. It has 20 years experience and millions of customers. It is known as a reliable source for web security.

Plus, GoDaddy SSL certificates have added features. Like increased trust from website visitors, improved search engine rankings, and protection from phishing attacks. These extra perks make the investment in a GoDaddy SSL worthwhile for businesses.

What is a GoDaddy SSL certificate?

Secure your website and its visitors with a GoDaddy SSL certificate! This digital file encrypts data exchanged between the website and its users. It verifies authenticity and protects sensitive information, like personal details and credit card numbers, from potential hackers.

Data entered into a website with an SSL certificate is encrypted using complex algorithms. This makes it difficult for unauthorized parties to intercept and read the information. With an SSL certificate, visitors can trust their data is safe and confidential.

Plus, an SSL certificate validates the identity of the website owner. This verification process establishes credibility and builds trust with visitors. Sites with SSL certificates display visual indicators like a padlock icon or green address bar, assuring users they are on a secure site.

Furthermore, it helps improve search engine rankings as Google considers HTTPS as a ranking factor. In an age of cybercrime, having an SSL certificate is key for any website owner who values security and wants to protect their online reputation.

Don’t miss out! Invest in an SSL certificate today and ensure secure communication between your website and its users.

Importance of SSL certificates

SSL Certificates are essential in today’s digital age. Let’s explore why. They encrypt data between a user’s browser and the website server. This prevents snooping of sensitive information like passwords, credit cards, and personal data.

Plus, SSL Certs indicate security with a padlock icon in the browser. This builds trust with users and encourages them to share info with your website.

SSL Certs can also improve SEO ranking, leading to more organic traffic. And they protect against phishing attacks, making it hard for malicious actors to deceive visitors.

The history of SSL Certs dates back to 1994 when Netscape Communications created the SSL protocol. It is the basis of modern internet security. Its importance will only increase as technology advances.

It is important for businesses and individuals to prioritize SSL Certs to protect data and build trust.

GoDaddy SSL certificate options

GoDaddy offers various options for SSL certificates, allowing customers to choose the best fit for their needs. The options range from basic certificates to more advanced solutions with additional security features.

A unique feature of GoDaddy SSL certificates is their 24/7 customer support, providing assistance for any technical issues or concerns. Their certificates also come with a warranty, offering financial protection in case of any security breaches.

In recent years, GoDaddy has gained recognition as one of the leading providers of SSL certificates, ensuring secure online transactions and protecting sensitive customer information.

(Source: GoDaddy website)

Get ready to secure your website and your sanity because GoDaddy’s Standard SSL certificate is surprisingly affordable – it’s like buying peace of mind on a budget!

Standard SSL certificate

GoDaddy’s Standard SSL Certificate offers a secure and reliable solution for website owners. It provides many advantages which help improve the security and trustworthiness of your website.

  • Validation: This certificate validates the website’s authenticity. This reassures visitors that they can trust it.
  • Data Encryption: It encrypts sensitive data exchanged between the website and its users, protecting it from unauthorized access.
  • Browser Compatibility: It is compatible with all major web browsers, so your website is accessible to many users.
  • Warranty: GoDaddy offers a warranty with the certificate, which provides financial protection in case of any security breaches or issues.

It also comes with great customer support and easy installation processes. With this certificate, you can ensure the security and integrity of your website while giving your users a smooth browsing experience.

Did you know? In 1994, Netscape Communications Corporation invented the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to secure online communications. This invention changed internet security, allowing websites to authenticate their identities and encrypt data between them and users. Since then, SSL certificates have become very important for online businesses and individuals who want to protect their sensitive information.

Features of the Standard SSL certificate

GoDaddy’s Standard SSL certificate gives essential features to boost website security. Here are three key benefits:

  • Secure Data Encryption: This certificate encrypts data sent between the browser and website, keeping sensitive info private and secure.
  • Domain Validation: Verifies domain ownership, building trust with visitors and proving it is the real website.
  • Increase Customer Confidence: Displays the padlock symbol and HTTPS, showing users their data is protected while browsing or transacting online.

It also provides technical support to help customers with any security queries. Having a secure website is critical in today’s digital world, with cyber threats growing. An SSL certificate protects an online presence and creates a safe environment for users.

Pro Tip: Renew your SSL certificate regularly to keep your website trusted and secure.

Pricing for the Standard SSL certificate

The cost of a Standard SSL certificate can differ, based on the provider and the features it has. Compare options to find the best value for your money and the security you need.

To make it easier, here is a list of some popular SSL certificate providers and their pricing:

Provider Price per Year
GoDaddy $69.99
DigiCert $199.00
Comodo $59.00

Check with the provider for updates or discounts.

When selecting an SSL certificate, note other factors too. For instance, determine if your website needs extra features, like multiple domains or subdomains. Some providers offer bundles with these options at a lower price.

Look for customer support that’s available 24/7 with a good reputation for resolving issues fast.

Read reviews from people who have used the SSL certificates you are looking at. This will give you info on installation, renewal, and overall satisfaction.

Deluxe SSL certificate

The Deluxe SSL certificate from GoDaddy is the perfect choice for website security. It offers great value with its comprehensive features and top-notch security. Here are the key features:

  1. Strong encryption with 256-bit encryption to protect all data between the website and visitor.
  2. Trustworthiness with symbols like a padlock and HTTPS in the address.
  3. Compatibility with all major browsers for a smooth browsing experience.
  4. Warranty Coverage with financial protection in case of any vulnerabilities.

Plus, there are extra benefits – unlimited server licensing and support for up to 250 domains with one certificate.

For maximum benefit from your Deluxe SSL certificate, consider:

  1. Regularly updating before expiration for continuous security.
  2. EV certificates for extra assurance with green address bar highlighting.
  3. HTTPS Migration – secure your data and improve search rankings.

Follow these tips and stay ahead in the digital world with your Deluxe SSL certificate!

Features of the Deluxe SSL certificate

The Deluxe SSL certificate has plenty of advanced features to offer enhanced security for your website. Let’s take a look at some of its key attributes:

Features Details
Extended Validation Comprehensive identity and ownership verification. Highest trust and assurance when customers interact with your site.
Organization Validated Confirms your business is legitimate and accountable. Instills confidence in your customers and helps build credibility.
Unlimited Server Licenses Secure multiple servers under a single certificate. Flexible and cost-effective for complex hosting environments.
2048-bit Encryption Robust 2048-bit encryption to protect data transmitted between your website and visitors. Keep information confidential and secure.

Plus, the Deluxe SSL certificate is compatible with all major browsers, has unlimited reissues, and comes with a $1 million warranty.

This certificate has been developed through years of research and development to meet the needs of website owners. And it’s proven effective in safeguarding online transactions and protecting sensitive info. When it comes to website security and customer trust, the Deluxe SSL certificate is an excellent choice.

Pricing for the Deluxe SSL certificate

GoDaddy’s Deluxe SSL certificate comes with various pricing possibilities. Here’s the cost list for the Deluxe SSL:

Certificate Type Validity Price
Single Domain 1 year $99.99
Wildcard 1 year $299.99
UCC (SAN) 1-5 years $199.99
Organization Validation 1-2 years $349.99
Extended Validation up to 2 years $449.99

Not only does this certificate offer strong encryption and verification for your website, but it also provides multiple selections for various businesses and organizations.

Tip: Think of opting for a longer time period to save money in the long term and make sure continuous protection for your website.

Premium SSL certificate

A Premium SSL certificate is perfect for businesses that need extra security. Its advanced encryption technology keeps communication between a website and its visitors safe and secure. Get your Premium SSL certificate today and enjoy the many benefits it offers! Here are the key features:

  1. Extended Validation (EV): This certificate offers the highest security level. It shows a green address bar on web browsers, so customers know their connection is secure.
  2. Multiple Domains: With one certificate, you can secure multiple domains. This saves time and money.
  3. Wildcard: Protect unlimited subdomains with just one certificate.
  4. Trustworthiness: Major web browsers trust and recognize Premium SSL certificates. This ensures a smooth browsing experience.
  5. Warranty Protection: You’re financially protected against data breaches or misuse of the certificate.
  6. Site Seal: Display a site seal on your website to reassure customers their information is safe.

The Premium SSL certificate is unbeatable when it comes to security. Plus, it offers multi-domain support and warranty protection. Don’t miss out on these advantages – get your Premium SSL certificate now!

Features of the Premium SSL certificate

The Premium SSL certificate has a lot to offer! It has:

  • Enhanced Encryption – advanced algorithms to keep data secure.
  • Extended Validation – visitors know your website is trustworthy.
  • Trust Seal – adds credibility and boosts confidence.
  • Multi-Domain Support – secure multiple domains or subdomains.
  • Warranty Protection – covers any potential financial losses.

It works on all major browsers and mobile devices – no security warnings or errors!

Pro Tip: When choosing an SSL certificate, think about the level of security you need. Premium SSL is great for online businesses with sensitive info and transactions.

Pricing for the Premium SSL certificate

GoDaddy offers a Premium SSL certificate with different pricing plans, based on the security and features. Let’s take a look:

Certificate Type Price
Standard DV SSL $69.99/year
Deluxe OV SSL $99.99/year
Premium EV SSL $149.99/year

The Standard DV SSL is the most affordable. It provides basic encryption for one domain. The Deluxe OV SSL provides stronger security for multiple domains or subdomains. The Premium EV SSL also includes extended validation, which shows your organization’s name in the address bar.

These certificates don’t just secure your website. They also give customers more trust and increase conversions. Choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Did you know? GoDaddy’s research shows that websites with an SSL certificate have improved visitor trust and engagement.

Factors to consider when choosing a GoDaddy SSL certificate

When considering which GoDaddy SSL certificate to choose, there are several factors to take into account. One of the key factors is the level of validation required for your website. GoDaddy offers three types of validation: domain validation (DV), organization validation (OV), and extended validation (EV).

DV certificates are the most basic option and only require proof of domain ownership. They are ideal for simple websites or personal blogs.

OV certificates provide a higher level of validation by verifying the organization’s identity along with the domain ownership. This is beneficial for small businesses or e-commerce websites.

Lastly, EV certificates offer the highest level of assurance as they require a thorough vetting process, including legal, operational, and physical examination of the business. They are recommended for larger enterprises and online businesses that handle sensitive customer information.

Another factor to consider is the level of encryption and security features offered by the SSL certificate. GoDaddy provides a range of encryption options, including industry-standard 256-bit encryption and SHA-2 algorithm support. Additionally, GoDaddy SSL certificates come with malware scanning, vulnerability assessments, and a trust seal to enhance the security of your website.

Furthermore, the pricing of GoDaddy SSL certificates varies depending on the validation level and additional features you choose. DV certificates are the most affordable, while OV and EV certificates come at a higher cost due to the additional validation and security features.

A website without an SSL certificate is like a pop-up book without any surprises – it’s just not worth the risk.

Purpose of the website

Every website has a purpose. Consider this when choosing a GoDaddy SSL certificate. It should align with the website’s goals and objectives.

Think about the data your website handles. If it’s an e-commerce site, you’ll need a cert with strong encryption and validation features. This ensures data remains secure and protected.

If the website is non-sensitive, then a basic SSL certificate may do. It provides a secure connection without extensive validation.

If you plan to expand the website, choose a wildcard SSL certificate. It secures multiple subdomains under one domain.

Also, make sure the SSL certificate is compatible with various browsers and devices. GoDaddy offers certificates that are recognized by major browsers, and guarantee compatibility.

Level of security required

Security is key when it comes to your GoDaddy SSL certificate. Different websites and businesses have different security needs, based on the data and operations they deal with. Let’s take a look at the table below to get a better understanding of the varying levels of security:

Level of Security Description
Domain Validated Basic encryption. Suitable for small sites or non-sensitive info.
Organization Validated Verifies ownership and legitimacy of organization. Ideal for e-commerce or financial institutions.
Extended Validation Highest level of assurance. Background checks on business and owners. Recommended for sites handling critical user data.

Remember, choosing a higher security level doesn’t always mean better performance or compatibility. Choose a level that suits your security requirements.

Take into account potential risks, sensitivity of data, and compliance needs. Don’t forget to secure your website! It’s important to protect confidential user information, build trust, and maintain an online presence.

Budget considerations

Compare pricing plans for the most cost-effective option. Think of the duration and renewal costs for the SSL certificate. Look for discounts or promotional offers to save money. Consider features and services included in each package. Weigh the benefits of a higher-priced certificate against needs. Factor in potential scale and upgrade costs.

Be aware that selecting an SSL solely for budget could compromise security and trustworthiness. It’s essential to balance affordability and industry standards.

Did you know? In 2009, GoDaddy launched SSL certificates to protect sensitive info transmitted online. They have upgraded their offerings to meet changing demands. So, keep budget in mind when choosing a GoDaddy SSL certificate for website and data protection.


Wrapping up our exploration of GoDaddy‘s SSL certificates, it’s clear that their pricing depends on the security level. We looked at their basic, standard, and premium options.

It’s important to also compare prices with other providers. Also, keep an eye out for GoDaddy‘s promotions and discounts – they could save you money!

To illustrate the value of a reliable SSL certificate, here’s a story: Sarah, a small e-commerce business owner, was hesitant about buying one due to the cost. But after a security breach with customer data, the importance of a secure website became clear. Investing in an SSL certificate not only restored customer trust, but also protected her business from legal consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a GoDaddy SSL certificate cost?
A: The cost of a GoDaddy SSL certificate can vary depending on the type of SSL certificate you choose. Prices can range from $63.99 per year to $349.99 per year.

Q: What types of SSL certificates does GoDaddy offer?
A: GoDaddy offers a range of SSL certificates including Standard SSL, Deluxe SSL, Premium SSL, and Wildcard SSL certificates. Each type provides different levels of security and features.

Q: Do GoDaddy SSL certificates come with a warranty?
A: Yes, GoDaddy SSL certificates come with varying warranty amounts depending on the type of certificate. The warranty coverage can range from $100,000 to $1,000,000.

Q: Can I install a GoDaddy SSL certificate on multiple websites?
A: No, a GoDaddy SSL certificate can only be used on a single domain or subdomain. If you have multiple websites, you will need to purchase separate SSL certificates for each.

Q: How long does it take to get a GoDaddy SSL certificate?
A: The process of obtaining a GoDaddy SSL certificate usually takes a few minutes to a couple of hours. Once you purchase the certificate and complete the validation process, you can install it on your website.

Q: Are GoDaddy SSL certificates compatible with all web browsers?
A: Yes, GoDaddy SSL certificates are compatible with the majority of web browsers, including popular ones like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

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