How Much Do Curling Stones Cost? [Pricing]

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  • A curling stone goes for around $500 to $750. This means a set of 16 stones is priced at approximately $8,000 to $12,000. However, curling stones weighing 21 pounds designed for children are priced relatively lower. For kids, the curling stones are priced at $4,500 per set. This means that each curling stone for kids costs around $4280 to $300. (Source)
  • Depending on the quality and condition, a new curling stone will cost you more than £300 and over £200 for used ones in Europe. (Source)
  • However, a new curling stone in the United States will cost between $500 and $900, while a refurbished one costs around $450. Used curling stones will cost approximately $200 to $350, depending on the type of granite used and its condition. (Source)
  • Curling stones in the United States tend to differ with small margins regarding prices. A new curling stone will cost you approximately $450 according to curling stone and $295 for a used stone. (Source)

Cost Factors

Generally, curling stones are sold in a set of 16 pieces. For this high number of stones, you should expect a relatively high sale price of around $8,000 and $12,000. Therefore, a single curling stone will be between $500 and $750.

Moreover, some companies do not sell their curling stones with handles. You will have to purchase the stone handles separately, and they usually sell for about $30 to $40 per piece.

The material used in designing curling stone is often considered the primary price factor. Usually, most curling stones are designed from Blue Hone granite. This stone is often sourced from Aila Craig in Scotland. In addition to the material used, the type of handle used also affects the stone’s value.

curling stones

This island in Scotland is among the few areas where granite is mined for curling stones. Here, there are three types of granites mined;

Green Granite, Blue Hone, and Red Hone. These granites are different from the ones used on countertops. Unlike the countertops granites, the curling stone granites are significantly resistant to impact.

Trefor Granite is another type of granite used in designing curling stones. Most Canadian curling stones are made from the Trefor Granite and are either red/brown or blue/black. They are said to be more resistant to impact, making them an ideal material for designing curling stones.

Different curling stones are designed for different competitions. For instance, each stone is equipped with an electronic sensor when competing in a high-end competition.

The device will light green when the stone is released and before reaching the hog line. When the sensor lights red, it indicates that a violation was made during the play. Such design will affect the price tag of a curling stone.

In addition, the weight of a curling stone will also determine its price. A typical curling stone weighs 42 pounds; however, during the production process, the stones tend to vary slightly in weight.

Therefore, a curling stone will weigh approximately 40 to 44 pounds. Small curling stones, commonly known as Little Rocks, are often more affordable and are used by children. These stones weigh approximately 21 pounds.

Buying guide

When buying a curling stone, it is important to consider the type of stone, the price, and how well the stone has been taken care of.

Granite stones are the most popular type of stone and they are available in a variety of prices. They are also the most durable type of stone.

Limestone stones are less popular than granite stones, but they are less expensive and they glide more easily on the ice.

Brass stones are the least popular type of stone, but they are the least expensive. They are also more difficult to glide on the ice.

Types of curling stones

There are three types of curling stones: granite, limestone, and brass.

Granite stones are the most popular type of curling stone. They are made from a type of igneous rock that is very strong and durable. Granite stones are also very smooth, which makes them ideal for gliding across the ice.

Limestone stones are not as popular as granite stones, but they do have some advantages. Limestone is a sedimentary rock, which means it is formed from the remains of marine organisms. This makes limestone stones very smooth and easy to glide across the ice.

Brass stones are the least popular type of curling stone. They are made from a type of metal that is not as strong or durable as granite or limestone. Brass stones are also more difficult to glide across the ice.

Granite stones are the most expensive type of curling stone. Limestone stones are less expensive than granite stones, but they are still more expensive than brass stones. Brass stones are the least expensive type of curling stone.

Caring for your curling stones

It is important to care for your curling stones properly to ensure that they last for many years.When not in use, curling stones should be stored in a cool, dry place. A basement or garage is an ideal location.

Curling stones should be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water after each use. A mild detergent can be used if necessary.

Once a year, curling stones should be polished with a soft cloth and a stone polishing compound.

Can you buy them used or refurbished?

Curling stones can be bought used or refurbished, but they may not perform as well as new stones.

When buying a used or refurbished curling stone, be sure to ask the seller how well the stone has been taken care of. Curling stones that have not been cared for properly may not slide as easily on the ice and may not last as long.

What is the best type of curling stone?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on personal preference and what you are looking for in a curling stone. Granite stones are the most popular type of curling stone, but limestone and brass stones have their own advantages. Ultimately, it is up to the curler to decide what type of stone is best for them.

Summing Up

Finding a suitable curling stone is vital for your success in any competition. And the secrete behind the best curling stone is designed from granite. The incredible granite structure makes it ideal for designing curling stones as they prevent erosion of the stone.

In addition, they are capable of withstanding impact, preventing them from breaking or cracking during a match.

If you are working on a tight budget and need a curling stone, you should consider the above aspects, and you will find a great deal. With that said, we hope you have found today’s article beneficial.

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