The Cost of Getting Bangs: What to Expect and How to Budget

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Thinking about getting bangs but worried about the cost? It’s a common concern, given that prices can vary greatly depending on multiple factors. This blog post will guide you through all aspects of this hair-styling choice – from what affects the price to how to effectively budget for it.

Get ready to snip your worries away and rock those fabulous bangs without breaking the bank!

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of getting bangs can vary depending on factors like the type of salon, stylist experience, location, and hair length.
  • On average, you can expect to pay between $85 and $100 for a basic trim with bangs. However, high – end salons may charge up to $650 or more.
  • To budget effectively for getting bangs, set a realistic amount based on your financial situation and research salon prices in your area.
  • You can also consider DIY options or look for discounts and promotions at salons to save money on getting bangs.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Getting Bangs

The type of salon, stylist experience and expertise, location, and length and thickness of hair are all factors that can affect the cost of getting bangs.

Type of salon

There are many types of salons. Some are high-end and famous. Others might be more basic or small-town shops. You chose what you like best for your hair. The type of salon can change the price of getting bangs cut in.

High-end places may use better tools and have more skilled workers, so they charge more money. At smaller shops, prices could be less but the quality might not be as good as other places.

Stylist experience and expertise

Choosing a stylist with experience and expertise is crucial when getting bangs. A skilled stylist can help you achieve the look you want and ensure your bangs suit your face shape and hair type.

They will have the knowledge to recommend the best style for you and provide valuable advice on maintenance and styling tips. Keep in mind that more experienced stylists may charge higher prices but can often deliver better results.

So, it’s important to find a balance between cost and expertise when selecting a stylist for your bangs haircut.


The location of the salon can affect the cost of getting bangs. In areas with a higher cost of living or in trendy neighborhoods, salons may charge more for their services. On the other hand, salons located in less pricey areas might have lower prices.

So, depending on where you live or where you choose to go for your haircut, the price for getting bangs may vary. Keep this in mind when budgeting for your hair transformation.

Length and thickness of hair

When it comes to getting bangs, the length and thickness of your hair can affect the cost. If you have long or thick hair, it may take more time and effort for the stylist to cut and style your bangs, which can increase the price.

On the other hand, if you have shorter or thinner hair, it may be easier for the stylist to work with, resulting in a lower cost. The length and thickness of your hair are important factors that stylists consider when determining the price for cutting bangs.

So keep that in mind when budgeting for your new hairstyle!

Average Cost Range for Getting Bangs

The pricing data from hairstylists reveals the average cost range for getting bangs, so you know what to expect when budgeting for your new hairstyle. Curious to find out more? Keep reading!

Pricing data from hairstylists

When it comes to getting a haircut, especially one involving bangs, the cost can vary greatly. This is due to multiple factors such as the stylist’s experience, the salon’s reputation, the location, and additional services required. Below is an informative table representing the pricing data obtained from different hairstylists:

Service Average Cost Low-end Estimate High-end Estimate
Regular Haircut $50 $10 $90
Blowout (wash and styling) $60 $20 $100
Haircut with Bangs $187.50 $85 $650 to $874
Haircut and Color Variable Variable Variable

This table is a guide to help you understand how much you might expect to spend when getting bangs, a regular haircut, or even a blowout. Please note, the prices may vary based on the factors mentioned above. It is always wise to research salon prices in your location and budget accordingly to avoid any surprises.

Low-end and high-end estimates

When it comes to the cost of getting bangs, there is a wide range of prices. On the low end, you can expect to pay around $85 to $100 for a haircut that includes bangs. However, on the high end, the price can go up significantly, ranging from $650 to $874. These estimates may vary depending on factors such as salon reputation and stylist expertise. It’s important to keep these numbers in mind when budgeting for your new hairstyle.

Additional costs for styling

When it comes to getting bangs, there may be additional costs for styling your new hairdo. Some salons include a blowout with the haircut price, while others charge extra for this service.

A blowout typically involves washing and drying your hair in a specific style. The cost of a blowout can range from $20 to $100, depending on the salon and stylist’s expertise. If you’re looking to add more oomph to your bangs, you might consider adding some color or highlights.

Keep in mind that these services can increase the overall cost of your hairstyle. It’s important to discuss any additional styling options with your stylist beforehand so that you’re aware of the potential costs involved.

Tips for Budgeting for Bangs

Set a realistic budget based on your financial situation and consider factors such as the frequency of trims and styling products needed.

Set a realistic budget

Setting a realistic budget is important when considering getting bangs. Here are some tips to help you budget effectively:

  • Consider your financial situation and determine how much you can comfortably spend on haircuts and styling.
  • Take into account the average cost range for getting bangs, which can vary depending on factors like salon type, stylist expertise, and location.
  • Research salon prices in your area to get an idea of what you can expect to pay.
  • Think about whether you could attempt a DIY option for bangs instead of going to a salon, which could save you money.
  • Look out for any discounts or promotions at salons that may make getting bangs more affordable.

Research salon prices

To find the best price for your bangs, it’s important to research salon prices. Here are some tips to help you compare prices and find the right salon for your budget:

  1. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or coworkers who have recently gotten their bangs done. They may be able to provide insights on affordable salons in your area.
  2. Utilize online platforms such as Yelp or Google reviews to read customer feedback and ratings about different salons. Look out for comments about pricing and overall value.
  3. Visit the websites or social media pages of several salons in your area. Some salons may have pricing information available online, or you can contact them directly to inquire about their rates.
  4. Consider visiting beauty schools or technical institutes that offer hair services at a discounted rate. These students are supervised by experienced instructors and can provide quality results at a lower cost.
  5. Look for special promotions or discounts offered by salons during certain times of the year, such as back-to-school season or holiday deals.
  6. Keep in mind that higher – priced salons may offer additional amenities like complimentary beverages, scalp massages, or more luxurious surroundings, which could affect the overall cost.

Consider DIY options

If you want to save money on getting bangs, you can try doing it yourself. Here are some DIY options to consider:

  • Look for tutorials or videos online that show you how to cut bangs at home.
  • Start with small trims and take your time to avoid making any big mistakes.
  • Use sharp scissors specifically designed for cutting hair.
  • Make sure your hair is clean and dry before attempting to cut it.
  • Section off the hair you want as bangs and comb it straight down in front of your face.
  • Trim small sections at a time and check how they look before cutting more.
  • Remember that it’s better to start with longer bangs and gradually trim them shorter if desired.

Look for discounts or promotions

You can save money on getting bangs by taking advantage of discounts or promotions. Here are some tips:

  • Keep an eye out for special deals: Salons often offer discounted prices or promotions for specific days of the week or times of the year. Look for these offers and book your appointment accordingly.
  • Follow salons on social media: Many salons promote their discounts and promotions on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By following them, you’ll stay updated on any current deals they may be offering.
  • Sign up for mailing lists: Some salons send out newsletters or email updates to their subscribers with exclusive discounts and offers. Consider signing up to receive these notifications.
  • Check coupon websites: Websites like Groupon or LivingSocial often have deals for salon services, including haircuts. Browse through these sites to find discounted prices for getting bangs.
  • Ask about loyalty programs: Some salons have loyalty programs that reward repeat customers with discounts or special perks. Inquire if the salon you frequent has such a program and find out how you can benefit from it.


Getting bangs can be a fun and stylish change to your hairstyle, but it’s important to consider the cost and budget accordingly. Factors like salon type, stylist experience, location, and hair length can affect the price.

On average, you can expect to spend between $85 and $100 for a basic trim or up to $650 for a high-end salon experience. To budget effectively, set a realistic amount, research salon prices, consider DIY options if possible, and keep an eye out for discounts or promotions.

With proper planning and preparation, you can enjoy your new bangs without breaking the bank.


1. How much does it typically cost to get bangs?

The cost of getting bangs can vary depending on the salon and location, but generally ranges from $10 to $50.

2. Will getting bangs require additional maintenance?

Yes, having bangs requires regular trimming every 4-6 weeks to maintain their shape and length.

3. Can I cut my own bangs to save money?

While it may be tempting to cut your own bangs, it is recommended to visit a professional hairstylist who has experience in creating the desired style and ensuring a balanced look.

4. How should I budget for regular bang trims?

To budget for regular bang trims, set aside an estimated amount each month based on the average cost of a trim in your area. For example, if trims typically cost $20 and you need them every 6 weeks, setting aside around $7 per month would cover the expense.

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